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I gotta say, my venture into beauty blogging has been VERY eventful, surprisingly. Initially, I was just going to blog about beauty boxes and hair but it turned out I’m going to more events related to beauty than I ever have in my x years of food blogging. I can’t help but to feel homey and thankful in this particular group of beauty bloggers (but I will mention that in my next post ok) So today I’m just going to share with you about HiShop.

HiShop (pronounced as hai-shop) is an online beauty and cosmetics store. They claim to only carry genuine products and belive beauty should be made accessible for everyone – anytime and anywhere.

HiShop website

I have recently joined HiShop’s Beauty Ambassador Programme. What perks do I have ? Well, I get a box of stuffs every month, share what’s nice and what’s not, and also, not just for me, readers also have discount codes if they wish to purchase the products.

So my first ‘discovery’ box came a couple of days ago. Plus, it’s Mom’s Day around the corner, so if anyone is getting their mom any beauty products, you may wanna chck them out.

Hishop box


Well, I knew they were going to send in some samples but I wasn’t sure how many they are sending. Before I got my box, there were a few other bloggers who have put pictures on FB stating what they had.. Most had 2-3 bigger sample sizes.

Hishop - april inside

tadah! They came wrapped in bubble wraps (plus point) While I was communicating with Mabel from HiShop, I did tell her I didn’t want too many facial products especially cleanser and toners because I find it very hard to use 1 brand for 1-2 weeks, then change to another, I just think it’s not very good for the skin … ? yes ? no ? Especially when I DO NOT have flawless skin and am quite sensitive to using the wrong products, I just didn’t wanna spend more time fixing an avoidable problem. I requested for more bath & body stuffs, cosmetics or even hair stuffs.. And she did select the products based on what I asked for. Lucky me! (plus point!)

These are the products from the box. (please click on link to be directed to the product page)

hishop - bloop

hishop - bloop duo matte lipstick hishop - bloop duo lip gloss

Bloop’s Candy Duo Matte Lipstick & Lip Gloss in Fuschia Pink

This one is kinda cute! lol, it’s a duo packaging, so you have both lipstick and lip gloss together. You can just chuck it in your handbag (or even in pockets la ok) and bring it everywhere you go.

hishop - baviphat body wash

Baviphat’s Sweet Body Wash – Mango (60ml)

Baviphat is a Korean brand. Cute bottle and sweet scent, but abit too sweet for me as I usually prefer floral or exotic stuffs (like peony, lavender, ginger, lemongrass) But this is a travel size, so you don’t need to transfer your body shampoo into a smaller bottle when travelling, just bring this hehe

hishop - nature & co body lotion

Nature & Co’s Organic Herb Extracts Three Butters Face & Body Lotion (35ml)

Nature & Co is a Japanese brand and it uses more herbs in their products like mint. This is a three butter lotion which can be used on the face of body. The texture is quite watery, unlike your typical body lotion. But if it’s too thick, it’s quite rich to be used on the face. I tried it on my hands, it’s watery but not sticky and absorbs really quick and smells abit like toothpaste (maybe due to the mint and herbs extract). I may put this in my office..

So for  all my readers, if you wish to try out some products from HiShop, here are some points that may be useful.

  • Free nationwide delivery (within 7 days) if you purchase RM 50 and above.
  • Three samples (you can choose) together with your purchase, regardless how much your buy.
  • Specially just for u guys, a RM20 off for any purchases above RM 100. Use this discount code: LOVEHISHOP (Valid till 30th June 2013)
  • Subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive offers and flash sales notices.


Thanks and stay fabulous!



6 Comments on HiShop – Making Beauty Accessible

  1. the lipgloss/lipstick in one is really nifty!

    mine had lip tint and slimming coffee!

  2. yuhjiun says:

    The bloop’s candy duo is so cute!!

  3. Li Chuen says:

    I received the same Nature & Co Mask. I think I will enjoy the Baviphat body wash and definitely impressed by the Bloop lipstick/lipgloss ^^

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