Beauty Box Review : March-ing into GALAXY for MIVVA

Hi guys! I’m back with another beauty box review. In case you’re wondering, yes, there’s alot of beauty boxes review here that confuses me sometimes. I lose track of the boxes and which items that I used, is from which box. I paid for MIVVA very very early, about 4 weeks later, my goldfish memory was caught my surprise when I received this on my doorstep. I then thought… eh? who sent me free stuff. But actually I paid for it la ok.. T__T

Mivva march2013

I’ve heard lots about Mivva and alot of people actually liked Mivva’s boxes alot. I saw from the previous box, there’s argan oil, so I though, ok, let’s try this out for 1 month and see….

mivva open boc

These are the items from the box. Mixture of facial care and hair products. (hoping to see some cosmetics, but still none) I will go thru the products one at a time, probably my favourite one first, then gradually move on to my least favourite.


B.LIV Off With Those Heads. RM 138 for 30ml and RM 179.90 for 45ml

mivva march bliv

It removes white  blackheads without violence or pain, and stops them from appearing ever again. The gel softens the clogging blocking your pores, allowing effortless extraction and removal of all pores. I was quite happy with this product and am using it for a while. It does help! Furthermore, they have this 14 days money-back guarantee. I may consider buying a full size.

mivva-march tt mask

Timeless Truth Charcoal Deep Whitening Mask. RM 10/pc. The black colour of the mask comes from bamboo charcoal, extracted at a high temperature, and particularly good for cleansing and removing dirt. I have used this and I quite like the material of the mask. But using once may not have much difference. (I have lots more TT mask to try, I will use them up first then consider which range to get, if I’m going to)

mivva march strip

Voucher for Underarm Wax treatment worth RM 32.50 from strip. That’s really great! I’ve always wanted to try them but I never had the courage to step into. LOL. I guess now I would have to..

mivva march shampoo

Somang Keratin Silk Protein Hair Care. Ok Remember in my last BB review, I mentioned that if any box is going to send shampoo in sachet form, I would need 6 because my thick hair requires 2 sachets each time, and I guess you can only see some difference after 3 washes. So 6 packets. Guess what, there’s really 6 inside. #cosmic I like receiving hair products so I’m good with this.


After this bump, the rest of the products are less appealing for me.

mivva march brightening product

Beautymate’s Purifying and Brightening Nano essence. RM69.90 for 30ml. This one, the expiry is in August 2013 and it’s kinda close to now, especially when it’s going into May already. I may use this on my hand as I have a burnt mark / dead spots, and see if it works. But this is an example of, full size product but not putting it to use. If anyone wants this, please holler me.

mivva march oslee

O’Slee Rosehip Beauty Solution, advanced formula III. Without looking at the product info, I have absolutely NO IDEA what this was. It  stated at the back that it can be used as toning, make-up base, soothing, deep moisturizing and also as a body lotion. I don’t understand. Did not come in a box. Not sure if there’s any expiry date or not or when was it manufactured. sigh

mivva march SF beauty

SF Beauty skin perfect glow sunscreen and remover cleansing gel.  Have not heard of this before, well maybe I’ll try using the sunscreen as I’ve been looking for sunscreen for the face. But there’s very detailed instructions on how to use it.

mivva march hair chalk

Hair Chalk and shopping list. While the shopping list may be useful for me as a notepad next to the telephone or something, the hair chalk didn’t wow me. Mainly because, I actually bought this set of 12 (or 24) pastel colours from Daiso out of curiosity. I’m not a big fan of hair chalk because it dries my hair like ikan bilis due to the scrubbing.. Well I guess afterall, it’s a medium for art, so I drew a girl with chalked hair!


Yup, that’s the end of my review and here’s my verdict:

I’m not sure if I want to go for a long term subscription for Mivva, as I have mix reviews on the items from this box. Ok this could just be the first box, so I don’t wanna judge it so much. And with SO SO many other beauty boxes and bags coming up. It’s hard to want to subscribe to all, yet at the end of the day, I could just use the money to buy something that I really really want. (or do an international swap)

As I have mentioned before, I am not so particular whether it’s full or sample size (of course full is better la) but giving me a full size product that doesn’t work is not any better than giving a sample size product that works. wtf did I just said.

Anyhow, I will try to squeeze in a comparison chart on the types of beauty boxes available in town and state my opinions on why some are more favourable to me and some are not. For now, let’s just ….. sit back and eat some cookie. It’s just a personal taste of products, what I fancy, may not be likable to you and vice.

But hey, no beauty box is perfect and each have their own flaws (and also attractive points). After all we’re in for a surprise package.

If you wish to subscribe to Mivva, here’s more info.

Subscribe for a month at RM38 each,
or RM114 for 3 months with 190 points,
or RM228 for 6 months with 570 points.
More information available at

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