[Review] Blind Date with The Lilac Box 2

Well, don’t be taken back by all these beauty posts. I actually haven’t been cooking or baking anything interesting lately, except some pasta dishes I put it up on my Facebook page.¬†I would like to think that most of my readers belong in the age range of 18-30 ? Yes ? No ? And as much as I would like to put up recipes of cakes and such, I too think, us girls / women / ladies need to pamper ourselves with some beauty products to keep us sane.. Or maybe not, it’s just me.

thelilacbox april

Anyway, let’s get started with Box 2 from The Lilac Box.

This is my 2nd box from them. I was quite impressed with the first, so means I needed to get the second box. It failed to disappoint ! lol Everything in it seems ‘usable’ for me. I hate it when I open a box and .. 75% of the items from a beauty box, I can’t / don’t want to / won’t use it.

Lilac box April - unboxing


There’s something very … fun about receiving mails, parcels and gifts, untieing the ribbons, unboxing them and meeting your blind dates. Wondering which one would win your heart away…

This month’s box came just like how I imagined it; simple brown box and a pale lilac ribbon (not the polka dot like the last)

Eh nice or not my photos ??? I added some lilac-ness x vintage to it.. and the colours are so apt for spring ūüôā btw, the little teddy bear DID NOT come with the box. It’s mine ūüôā

Lilac box - april unboxing

Untie the ribbon, open up the lid (under the lid, there’s a message there for your to recycle the box) and another ribbon to untie

This one, can’t do so gently cause anticipation can hardly wait already T__T

If you haven’t receive this box or don’t wanna know what’s inside. I strongly advice u to do a 100km/h scroll down to the next post. Heh.. Kidding, I’m sure you wanna find out what’s inside, right?? And I also reused the tassel, and my flower head band which I used for shu Uemura’s Princess Party.

lilacbox april

Lilac box - april - inside

Tadaahhh!!!Blind date has been revealed!! When I opened up the inner layer? The first thing that came to my mind was.. “OMG SO MANY THINGS!!” Let’s do a quick count onetwothreefourfivesixseveneight! ding ding ding EIGHT !! (if you counted 7, don’t worry, I did that too in the first time. Scroll down to find out whether it’s 7 or 8 )

There were a few blind dates that caught my by surprise!

thelilacbox april redken


Redken Intraforce Shampoo and Conditioner, for colour-treated thinning hair. While my hair is not thinning, it is definitely coloured! I know there may be some who have virgin hair and this range of shampoo may not seem to be suitable, actually black is also a colour… Kidding ok. These shampoos for coloured hair are more delicate because they are not here to further ‘dry’ your hair. So I think it’s still user-friendly for virgin hair.

I always love hair products in beauty boxes, because I got so much hair I don’t need a gazzilion years to finish all the products.. Not kidding wan, sometimes I need to use like 2 samples sachets of shampoo and conditioner so it’s ‘enough’ for my hair. So to beauty boxes that gives sachets of shampoo, make sure u give me like at least 6, to be used 3 times at the very freaking least. ONE wash won’t do miracles to your hair, am I right?

I am also currently using Redken’s Smooth Lock Heat Glide serum because I dry and fizzy hair, so I don’t wanna make it more dry after blow drying it.

thelilacbox april lunasol powder

Next blind date will surely make you look beautiful!¬†It is the Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation. I have already received this from another Beauty Box / bag (and I think it has been given out by other boxes in previous months) Actually I always wonder when beauty boxes gives things like foundation, do they actually refer it to the beauty profile ? Do these people actually get the right shade ? Or is it a shade darker ? lighter ? I think I’m quite lucky cause my skin tone is the ‘generic’ colour. Not too dark or too fair and would be able to take on most of the medium shades.¬†I wonder if it would be better if the¬†recipient¬†of the box can get their right shade when they redeem it from the counter, rather then giving powders for the sake of giving?

The Lunasol Skin Modeling Powder Foundation has Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Stabilizing Complex to keep the skin moisturized. It is said to be resistant to perspiration and sebum and maintains the same refined finish as when first applied for many hours. The foundation also protects the skin againts UV rays while beauty essence ingredients retains moisture.

thelilacbox april lunasol

Coming together with it, is the Lunasol Smoothing Make Up Base. It has SPF22 and it’s specially formulated for the Skin Modeling Powder Foundation. It fills visible pores and uneven surfaces with its creamy texture. It is non greasy and does not appear to be after applied for many hours. win!

A 30g Lunasol Smoothing Make Up Base is RM 112 while the Lunasol Skin Modelling Powder Foundation is RM 148 for 10.5g
lilacbox april perfume sample

The next blind date, perfume samples. I’m a fan of perfume samples, I dont mind its size cause it’s so easy to carry around. These are Calvin Klein’s perfumes. At first, I thought there’s only 1, but no.. there’s 2!

lilacbox april perfume

Calvin Klein Beauty and Sheer Beauty. Damn I’m a sucker for perfumes.. Sheer beauty is slightly more fruity and floral. Suitable for day use. While Beauty, has a more intense aroma, more sensual. Smells a little powdery, but this would be great for night.

If they have made a good impression on the first date, hook up the second date and get¬†A Sheer Beauty set with a complimentary body lotion 100ml at RM325 (worth¬†RM426) and, if you’re the¬†first 10 to redeem at each counter receives additional: a 10ml roller-ball and a mini spray.

thelilacbox april nuxe


Ooo Actually I was most excited when I saw NUXE’s products, not one but two!

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Cleansing Gel (left) is a soap-free gel enriched with Honey and Sunflowers, gently removes make-up while cleansing and soothing the face in a single step. A treat for the senses that leaves the skin feeling impeccably clean. Suitable for all skin types especially sensitive skin. This cleansing gel also acts as a make up remover too.

I have yet to try this as I don’t wanna mix so many face products. It’s for dry and sensitive skin, which is good for me!

thelilacbox nuxe oil


The one that caught my attention most was this multi-usage dry oil by NUXE. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse¬†was recommended by one of a facebook fan while thelilacbox were researching in Paris. I gotta say… GOOD CATCH and thanks for including it in Box 2.

98.1% of the ingredients in this Dry Oil are of natural origin, it is a unique combination of 30% Precious Plant Oils and Vitamin E to nourish, repair and soften your face, body and hair in a single step. It is silicone and paraben free. Some Interesting Facts About Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse:

  • No 1 in France (body moisturizer and body care product, 2011)
  • One oil sold every 6 seconds worldwide
  • Voted Product of the year 2009 in France
  • ‚ÄúBeaut√© Stars prize‚ÄĚ from French ‚ÄúMadame Figaro‚ÄĚ magazine, voted by more than 70 celebrities in 2008

I’ve just tried it on my hair.. it really tames down the fizziness without leaving it too oily or ‘shiny’. You can also use it as a massage oil for the face. As it doesn’t leave any greasy residual after that. I’ll ask my aunt to use this next time I go for facial. I must get a bottle of this… But saying so, it’s my birthday next month, so if anyone wanna get me this…. I love you so much ok!! hahaha *shameless*

Eh, but don’t say I didn’t help you save… If you¬†purchase the Huile Prodigieuse Beauty¬†Set with thelilacbox voucher, it comes¬†with¬†a¬†35%¬†promotional¬†discount¬†(UP:RM¬†320),¬†which¬†contains

  • Huile Prodigieuse Multi¬†Usage¬†Dry¬†Oil¬†100ml
  • Melting¬†Cleansing¬†Gel¬†with¬†Rose¬†Petals¬†125ml
  • Gentle¬†Toning¬†Lotion¬†with¬†Rose¬†Petals¬†35ml,¬†and
  • Comforting¬†Cleansing¬†Milk¬†with¬†Rose¬†Petals¬†35ml.

it’s only RM 208!!

You can purchase them at Sasa outlets (but only with thelilacbox voucher, printed online….)

Lilac April nuxe


So that’s all of the blind date candidates from Box 2. Which was your favourite ? Mine, hands down was the Huile Prodigieuse. The entry was so long I felt like I have written a recipe for a complicated dish T__T

Overall, the team behind The Lilac Box has put in quite some effort in compiling this box. They always try to do more, like there’s not just one, but two product from each brand. Most people really only give 1 perfume sample, but there’s two. And there may be some who only packed in the powder, but they also included the make up base from Lunasol.

Of course, the box is on the higher priced range, RM 49.90 but the stuffs they put in are worth it! Like I mentioned before, I’d rather pay more for something I can use even if it’s a small size, than paying little and getting full size products which I won’t use, or not suitable for me.

Do give Box 3 a try when they are open for registration. I hope they would be able to include some bath related items and cosmetics… or eye cream in their next box!





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  1. choulyintan says:

    ahah I have so much hair as well, I think I will use up the shampoo within two to three weeks!! :p

  2. FiSh SzeHui says:

    i prefer more cosmetics too ūüôā anyway i love the perfume in this box!

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  3. Li Chuen says:

    Nice pictures! ūüôā Alot of nice stuff in the liliac box ūüėÄ

  4. Ng Choi Yen says:

    Good content indeed, may be I can get my hand on it on next month!

  5. Tammy Lim says:

    I like your photos! :))) the Redken bottles is so worth the box’s subscription. I have not gotten Lilac box before but not planning to as well. I sub to a Japan Beauty Box, will be getting it next month.

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