[Review] Vanity Trove : The Shower of Summer

I have to warn you. This week’s posts will be all about beauty boxes. Cause it’s the beginning of the month! Beauty boxes usually arrive at the end of the month. So here we go.

VanityTrove April 2013 : The Shower of Summer

Each month, they would have a theme to it. Well this is my first VanityTrove box. I tried to subscribe earlier 2 months ago but there was some problem with my paypal or something la.. that I couldn’t subscribe. So well, I was sent a box for review. hehe Thank you VT! You know I have a little addiction with beauty boxes. And I love to set up with props and photograph them like as if I’m table propping for my food shots. I think some props make these stuffs pop. Just like props for food photos, it makes it extra delicious. These beauty products looks more …. exciting with some props lol People eat with eyes first, same here. LOL I’ve edited these batch of photos to make it feel like summer x vintage (insert Christina Perri’s A thousand years and David Choi’s The Way You Are ft Kina Grannis)

VT April 2013

Vanity Trove comes in a drawer-like hard box. Quite classy if I may say. If you have a few boxes, hot glue them on top of each other and it would work like a mini beauty drawer. Easy to look for stuffs (wah quite creative right me.. lol I think I’m gonna do that when I have 3, fits my open sesame wardrobe nicely)

VT april 2013 - box

See how there’s a little ribbon latch, easier to pull it out. Or, another idea maybe.. return the boxes for recycling, then earn beauty points.. Ok what … I mean if you subscribe to 3 beauty boxes for the next 3 months, you have 9 boxes leh. What you gonna do with it? When I opened this box, I could smell a very nice scent.. I’m guessing there’s a perfume sample that comes with it.

VT April 13 - items

Packed nicely in it, there are boxes and boxes of stuffs! And as usual, there would be a ‘intro’ card to the products inside. Eh quite nice right, my props.. I made it wan ok !! I MAJOR LOVE tassels

VT April 2013 - inside


Tadah! The first thing I saw was the nail wrap. I think it’s gaining popularity these days, nail wraps. For diy manicure! Let’s do a little counting. 6 items. Mask, cream, serum, eyeshadow, nail wrap, perfume. I can’t help but grin a little when there’s no facial wash lol. I have so many samples I wish I had more faces. Kidding. Variety is key here!! I would gladly take in eyeshadow every month than facial wash. But that’s just me. Or maybe not..  I mean, just saying, if the box has only 2 brands to feature and there are 3 items from each brand, that brand better be a damn good one la, don’t just put in any brand for the sake of putting wtf

VT april perkins

I saw other reviews, there were quite a few different designs of nail wraps. I can’t help but think this one looks like it’s some pebble beach with diamond sparkling water.. Oh how apt. The real one looks a shade tad darker than the picture. I haven’t used nail wraps before so it’s a good time to try. I love DIY nails, I have a pinterest board just for it. LOL

Perkins Nail Wrap is a transparent nail-wrap base that allows fuss-free sticking and creative mix-and-match with its wide range of designs and colours. These would come in handy when you want fabulous nails but cannot afford time for the painstakingly slow drying process. True. These made in Korea products are RM 39.90 for 20 strips.

VT April Oriks

Ok this one is actually not a BB Cream sample, but the brochure just says so in the front page and I ddin’t realize till after the photoshoot. These are ORIKS Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream. I must say the sample size is quite small here. only 1g x 3 pcs. But every gram is priced at RM 7.96m so… yeah …

Developed in France, the Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream is a moisturiser that smoothens wrinkles, tichtens pores and brightens your complexion. It contains more than 90 types of natural minerals to boost skin vitality and protect your skin from harsh environment stressors. When applied, this hydrating formula locks in plenty of moisture to maintain supple and dewy skin after a long day in the hot summer sun. A 50ml is priced at RM 398

Which got me thinking… how come no suncreen in this box since it’s the shower of summer. 😛

VT April Clarins



When I unopened the box, I can’t help but see something very familiar. A few weeks ago, there was a campaign by Clarins that they were giving samples for this Intensive Brightening Serum when you register on their site. I got mine about 2 weeks ago for free. I can’t help but to think, eh I redeemed this for free wor… Why is it here in a subscription box?? But I quite like this serum so ok la, more for me to use T__T

This serum is the most advanced skincare for a fairer and healthier skin. Thanks to the exclusive Trans-Luminiscent Complex, it has the ability to revive your skin’s micro-mirrors at every layer, so you skin appears clear and radiant. With this ultimate brightening serum, skin looks fair, even and translucent with a rosy glow. A bottle of 30ml is priced at RM 295. Underneath the 5 sachets, is a special voucher when you purchase the real sized bottle. They would give you lots of goodies. How I know ? Cause I took this sample set before and the Spa Manager explained that to me. Plus she wasn’t being pushy about it.

Along with it is a 50% discount voucher on any Face or Body treament at Clarins Skin Spa KLCC (also a 3 pcs beauty kit) If you don’t live in KL, this may not be that useful for you. Suck it up and give to your friend then 🙂

VT April Narciso Rodriguez


Before they sent the box, Vanity Trove’s FB team were posting some teasers of perfum brands. There were Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez and Issey Miyake. I have 2 full sized Elie Saab’s Le Parfum, so deep inside my heart, I ‘m like.. No no I hope I don’t get that. I have Issey Miyake’s l’Eau d’Issey which I also love, I hope I ddin’t get Issey’s either. But the sample was Pleats Please. Anyway I got Narciso Rodriquez For Her (EDT)

Dammit.. it’s quite nice leh!! IT’s slightly woody, abit spicy yet with a slight touch of femininity of honey flower and radiant amber. I think different people would have gotten different samples, so… I think it’s luck also la..Hahaha For Her EDT is at RM278 for 50ml and RM 378 for 100ml but God forbid I buy another perfume again in less than 3 months.

VT - april - kiladoll mask


There’s also a whitening mask in it. I can’t help but think there’s 3 whitening products in this box. I guess after all the sun, you need to whiten your skin LOL! There’s nothing much to say about this product. There’s no info in the info card so it might have been packed in the last minute that it wasn’t in time for printing. This KilaDoll Licorice & Job’s Tear Whitening Mask is from Taiwan. Job’s Tear looks like a magnified version of Pearl Barley x coffee bean shape and I’ve never heard of it.. It’s made in 2011 and the expiry is year 2014. ….. Correct me if I’m wrong but this seems like a “old-product-no-people-buy-so-give-to-beauty-box-company-got-free-advertising-samo”


VT April Kate

Lastly, an eyeshadow with quite nice colour. Kate Eyeshadow DB boosts a palette with two shades that can be used individually or mixed. It would make a beautiful gradation if you mix both and get the 3rd shade. RM 49 for this pc. I think I haven’t yet received any eyeshadow in any beauty boxes. Yes for mascara and lipsticks, but not eyeshadow. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

LUCKILY it’s in a pretty colour, not yellow or red. Well let’s be honest, sometimes products needs to be cleared and beauty boxes are a good place to hop on for companies like these, mass distribution of old products and comes with exposure. Then you get unappetizing shade of cosmetic.. boo for that. At least this one looks descent.

Other than that, there’s a “Discover your scent” with Danny Ventura roadshow in MidValley East Entrance (near coffee bean & uniqlo) between 23 – 27 April 2013. There would be personal sessions with Danny Ventura where you can get tips and learn more about fragrances. This personalised fragrance profiling experience is exclusively for VanityTrove members for RM 30 (fully redeemable on Issey Miyake, JPG, Narciso Rodriguez and Elie Saab products) per session and it comes with a goodie bag worth RM 200. Awesome possum.

Now that the review on the box is done, I’d like to add two cents on VanityTrove’s beauty box in general. They are slightly more expensive than most of it out there. (April Edition was RM 60, May onwards, it’s RM 50 per box) But they do have more appealing brand partners as how I see it. There are boxes out there which are very cheap, but comes with a lower range of products. It comes down to a personal choice of types of brands and how responsive they are in social media. Communication between consumers or FB fans are vital to retain them and get them coming back to buy your box. I think VT does a pretty good job on that, also they post teasers on which brand they would feature next. If you like the brands, subscribe. If you don’t then don’t subscribe la. easy as that.

IF you ask me whether this box is worth RM60 or not… Let’s just say, I’d rather pay a bit more (but 60 was abit steep anyway) for better trusting brands than paying little and get cheap products that may cause irritation to the skin.. And I don’t really care if the sample is premium / deluxe / full size. If the product doesn’t work, give u full size also no use right ? Just imho ok..

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

— Tyler Surfboards


Check out their FB page (http://facebook.com/VanityTroveMalaysia) for more info on monthly beauty boxes and this event as well.

Their April box subscription is closed, but you can get the May 2013 edition box, which is themed, Awesome Wholesome.


Disclaimer: This month’s VanityTrove box was sponsored. Thank you.







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  1. choulyintan says:

    wah so nice you got it sponsored!! I love the eyeshadow too!!! such a pretty shade that can be used for everyday use! 🙂

  2. Kelly Siew says:

    I love the eyeshadow from this box. This is so much better than last month’s edition. Love how you styled the pictures too.

  3. Li Chuen says:

    Looks better than last month’s! Perfume seems nice 😀

  4. Ng Choi Yen says:

    I love this month’s box!

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