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Ok I need to make a disclaimer first…. I am a total sucker for beauty boxes. I have subscribed to a few boxes (some I just don’t because I am not too keen on the brands they are partnering with) I’ve probably received 7-8 boxes now since December, sorry kinda lost track already.. Now I have alot of some good, some bad quality empty boxes lol, how ah ? keep nonsensical stuffs in it. Anyway, previously I don’t put it up on the blog because I haven’t had my hands beauty blogging yet, but now I can openly put it up, for future boxes.

If you’re wondering what beauty boxes are, they are here to suck your money. Kidding. Basically there would be beauty products (skin care, hair care, cosmetics, fragrances etc etc) delivered right to your doorstep every month. The down side is, you don’t know what is in it unless the brand puts up some teaser on FB. The fun side is, all the anticipation of waiting for the box to arrive, and to open the box filled with surprises!! For me, it’s not about how heavenly good that product is, or how big the bottle is.. It’s about variety, anticipation, excitement, (and ok lah, actually the brand of the products).. Just like going on blind dates. Not that I’ve ever been to one la, but you get the gist. Of course, it would be good if you check the brands they partner with so you also get an idea on what type of product range they have. example, box A has alot of korean or cutsey brands and box B has more european brands. It can get you to decide, which to try first.

Beauty boxes also make a good surprise gift for your girlfriends, wife, friends, mom, sisters!

bag of love debut

So I happen to met Mi Mi in one of an event and she very kindly handed me (wah hand handed by the boss leh) the debut Bag of Love. I thought the concept was kinda good because everyone seemed to be putting in boxes, this one comes in a cosmetic bag. If I’m going to subscribe 12 months, what do I do with the 12 boxes? Makes sense also la.. And, she also said that every month will be a different design.. Awesome right ? Somewhat like Michelle Phan’s ipsy glam bag.

bag of love bag

Mi Mi used to be a beauty writer for some of Malaysia’s top beauty and fashion magazines. However, being a mother of two, she wishes to be able to spend more time with her children and be more flexible with her time, she decided to start her own beauty box – with a twist. Having a background in beauty products does give her an advantage as she would already know what’s good, what’s not, what’s new and what’s blue.

bag of love - inside

Bag of Love carries all kinds of brand (luxury to mass, local to international) because every brand has something to offer. Each month, there would be 5 deluxe sample sized products, ranging from hair care to skincare, body care, make up, nails and fragrances. Variety is the key here and I think she has managed to pull that off in her very first Bag of Love!

So let’s see what in the debut bag.

bag of love - guerlain


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT. Very parisian and chic type of scent. Somewhat sweet for fun and flirty days! After some sprits, it leaves a somewhat musky and sexy note to it. So nice la.. one of my favourite too..

bag of love - lunasol


Lunasol Skin Fusing Powder Foundation SPF 20/PA ++. The shade seems okay when I tried on my hand, not sure about the face yet. But it comes in this uber cute sample packaging lol

bag of love - brush


Definite Face Blending Brush (this item itself is worth RM 98). I haven’t yet seen any beauty boxes that comes with a make up brush. I’m sold! My favourite item from the bag.

bag of love - murad cleanser


Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser. Ok you know what I think I have a full range of Murad sample products now (from skin care all the way to primer!). I can’t emphasize anymore on how I do not want to see Murad in any beauty box for the next 6 months, at least! And I have alot of the RM 30 gift voucher, if anyone wants, please buzz me! But to be fair to those that haven’t gotten any beauty boxes, it’s fine. Murad is actually not too bad..

bag of love - revlon


Revlon Professional Colour Sublime Treatment. I like it when there are hair products in beauty boxes. Not only we need to care for the skin, hair is just as important! One of my favourite item from the bag!

bag of love - movie

Complimentary movie ticket to The Host coming April. This one was a surprise find!! But hor, only admits 1 …. I would feel bad if my friend had to pay full price for the movie and I don’t need to pay… Nvm la.. share share…

Ok So that’s all the products in the bag. Oh, the cosmetic bag, quite good quality also leh. Designed by Mi Mi herself, can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. Overall I was happy with the content of the bag. None of the products fall in the same category,, neither was there any repeated brands in the same bag. So yala,  happy la ok!

Don’t forget to stalk Bag of Love’s Facebook page for surprises and maybe some teasers on what would come next. The debut box is closed now, but the 2nd bag is up already.

Monthly Subscription : RM 39.90

Quarterly Subscription : RM 119.70 (with a mystery gift)

Annually Subscription : RM 478.80 (13th month free)

The first 50 annual subscribers gets an Anna Sui Rouge Ring !

*Available only in Peninsular Malaysia and boxes are on a first come first serve basis.

 Disclaimer : this box was sponsored, but it doesn’t affect my review on it.



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  1. Ng Choi Yen says:

    I’m a satisfied subscriber overall 🙂

  2. MyBeautyJunction says:

    Adore the bag, and the contents! Too bad it’s only there in Malaysia 🙁

    My Beauty Junction

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