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OK so what is #creativemarch about. It’s a creative project initiated by Red Hong Yi on instagram, using food as a medium to ‘paint’ on the plate. So it’s sorta Creative Food Art on a plate! I can’t help but to say this woman is extremely talented and creative when it comes to painting. *big fan!!* You can red more about her project here with an interview with designboom.

And there were also many people who joined in the project as well and posted up their ‘plate of art’ ! (You can do so by searching #creativemarch hashtag in Instagram, you will see more pics!) So I can’t help but also try out something.

I gotta admit I can put in more effort. But this turned out to be a very impromptu thing. Last Saturday after my haircut in Number76 Bangsar, I came home (it was raining elephants and snakes) so the electricity tripped off in my house. There was no one at home, only me and 5 dogs T__T and I ran out of Candy Crush lives..

So I had a little idea of doing something. I took out 2 plates, some ingredients and started…

10 minutes later, here we go!

Photo Mar 23, 5 41 26 PM

I wanted to do a 4 season thing. no I actually wanted to do something related to rain but I couldnt find my dried blue pea flowers which I saved from my old house… My maid must have thrown it away… And I couldn’t microwave anything because duh there’s no electricity.. So I guess this was the easiest way.. to make a scene in my kitchen.

For Summer, the most basic, it was spaghetti, spinach leaves, brown sugar and lemon slice. Because it’s summer, the lemon slice was the biggest

For Spring, with the same plate, I added rosemary as the grass, cut a smaller slice of lemon, added some flowers with ketchup and sprinkles, and drew on some birds with thick soy sauce.

For Winter, I used a new plate, mixed thick soy sauce with mustard and drew a tree with just branches with a spaghetti. and I wanted to add mayonnaise as snow, but I didn’t know I ran out of it already.. So the closest I could find was condensed milk. I also added some pearl dragees as snowflakes but I don’t think it’s that visible.

For Autumn, I used the same plate from Winter, added brown sugar as the base and used dried bay leaves as autumn leaves! You can see here the lemon slice is very small and is without the rind, cause the sun in autumn is more mellow and kinda barely there.


So if you have a white plate, and some ingredients at home, why not try something ?? It’s fun 🙂


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  1. bel says:

    so so so pretty! you should put watermark and post on fb~ :))

  2. Chef and Sommelier says:

    Hi Swee San! Following you now on IG! I just started using IG recently… find me at #chefandsommelier

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