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Talika Photo-beauty therapy

I was invited by The Lilac Box for this product launch by Talika. If you haven’t already know, The Lilac Box is the only premium-brand beauty box in Malaysia. (They are on their 2nd box now, do check them out. I absolutely LOVED their debut box) The event was held at Mezzanine Floor North Point Mid Valley. The event was initiated by Ms. Cindy Lim, Talika Malaysia Product Assistant Manager and was later handed to Rebeccah, Trainer for Luxasia Manager who wanted us to have a little icebreaking game by cropping out cut outs from magazines that represents light, then to present it as a group..

talika the lilac box

2 (Rudi & Kygan) of the 3 famous guys behind The Lilac Box presenting about LIGHT! Lol I can’t remember the last time I had to present something in front of an audience. scary ok!

Anyway, we all know light, is the source of all life. But too much of it can be harmful to the skin (as we know it, hence the SPF xx ) But what if light was the ultimate cosmetic ingredient?

High-end French skincare beauty brand, Talika, is back with another revolutionary product which will break through another new frontier in the beauty industry with its discovery of the Photo-Beauty Enzyme (PBE) which transforms light energy into dermo-repairing energy that will help our skin regain youth and repair damaged DNA.

The DNA in skin cells is precious. It is the genetic code that ensures skin functions correctly. However, with time and daily exposure to UV light, this DNA alters. The DNA chain breaks, creating gaps (dimers) which interfere with its code, prevent it from functioning correctly and accelerate the appearance of sings of ageing on the skin; wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, etc !!

talika-photobeauty enzyme

The Photo-Beauty Enzyme has demonstrated its ability to instantly remedy these changes. Activated by light energy that it converts into skin repairing energy, the PBE eliminates dimers in just a few nanoseconds, allowing DNA to recover its original form and functional capacities, and skin to regain optimal performance. Sounds good right?

talika photo-beauty-thelilacbox

Talika now offers this natural treasure to the skin by integrating the Photo-Beauty Enzyme for the first time in its skincare and creating the Photo-Beauty Therapy lines. (in black) Photo-Beauty Therapy ANTI-AGEING and (in white) BRIGHTENING.


Photo-Beauty Therapy Cellular Activator. This is the light essence. It’s like an equalizer, which takes just a few seconds to reset all ‘cell counters’ to zero. The cell recovers it’s original potential, as a result skin is able to receive and transmit the benefits of daily skincare. Helps to brighten the complexion and diminish the intensity of dark spots. Contains hyaluronic acid, gentle fruit acids, rose water and vegetal glycerin. 140ml – RM 349


Photo-Beauty Therapy ANTI-AGEING Serum combines the benefits of the PBE with recognised complex of active ingredients to treat all signs of ageing. Contains adenosine, tetra-peptide, soya beans, rose hip oil and vegetal glycerin. According to their tests, the sigs of ageing are visibly reduced after 4 weeks. 30ml – RM 229


Photo-Beauty Therapy ANTI-AGEING Cream gives skin a new youthfulness. It intensively nourishes, moisturises and repairs the epidermis with ingredients such as adenosine, walnut seed, soya beans, shea butter and cegetal glycerin. 50ml RM 299


This is the Photo-Beauty Therapy BRIGHTENING LINE (serum, left & Cream, right) Tests show that there are + 79.6% non-pigmented cells after 14 days. It lightens the complexion with anti-dark spot action. 30ml – RM 229 for Serum and 50ml – RM 279 for Cream.

talika - result

I’ve tried the ANTI-AGING series on MY left hand (you are looking at it on your right). The skin appears to be smoother and brighter. GOSH my fingers are still so chubby..

Talika photo-beauty therapy range

Thanks to Talika and Luxasia for being so generous on their door gift 0.0 We all get to bag home these goodies ^^

Thanks to The Lilac Box for inviting and taking me in as The Lilac Blogger (you will see more posts about beauty product launches by their brand partners as now I would be invited lol) . Btw, if you haven’t get Box 2, go quick before they run out!!

More posts about this event can be fetched at their website.

oh hai, iz me 😉 (picture taken by Tammy, plusizekitten

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