OB for Shu Uemura Princess Party

Wow!! I think I’m quite lucky to be invited to Plus Size Kitten’s Princess Party at Shu Uemura. Thanks to her, I got to meet some nice bloggers and people who are beauty bloggers and some in working in the beauty line. I have to secretly say, sometimes, beauty bloggers have more fun! LOL

No la just kidding, bloggers pot lucks are the best 😉

shu-uemura ob princess range

OB for Shu Uemura, OB is an up and coming contemporary artist in Japan, and is also the apprentice of well-renowned artist, Takashi Murakami.For this 2013 Spring Sakura collection, ob’s inspiration lies in the rise of a new era in art, in-between reality and a dream beckons you into ob’s creative universe, a world that appears normal at first sight but is filled with fantasy and delight; a world that showcases the emerging vision of a generation of creators who came of age in a radical new digital world.

shu-uemura princess party cleansing oil

There are four princesses in this collection, Sakura Hime (Cherry Blossom Princess), Tsuki Hime (Moon Princess), Midori Hime (Forest Princess) and Umi Hime (Ocean Princess). These cleansing oil each sorta represents the princess. I got one of it, the Forest Princess one, lol! Cause of it’s premium a/o advance formula with Green Tea and specially selected Gingko Leaf extract that contains flavonoids, recognized in Japan for strong anti-oxidant and micro circulation properties that help to promote transparency and radiance to fatigued skin. The removal of oxidized sebum, which accelerates the aging process, is the first step in anti-aging skincare. (Yes, I’m totally into the anti-aging thingy) The innovative Natural Origin HPO system has a superb cleansing ability which removes sebum and dramatically increases the removability of waterproof mascara and long-lasting makeup. the advanced formula leaves the skin soft, and refined for a youthful appearance.

So during the party, Shu Uemura arranged some fun stuffs for the princesses that went. LOL..

shu-uemura-princess ob partyMake up demo by Ms Lisa

(too bad the place was quite small, I ddin’t really had a chance to see or hear much)

shu-uemura canvas bagCanvas bag painting! LOL… Ok, that’s my Midori Hime

Of course no princess party is complete without princess dress up!! wahh ok I actually have not been to ANY party that I had to dress up as something.. Sorry I don’t go to any Halloween party or costume parties .. haha Anyway, we all had to be one of the princess. Being me, I chose Midori Hime (Forest Princess) cause it’s more relatable and I had lots of green things anyway.

shu-uemura-ob princess party3 Umi Hime (Ocean Princess) in this photo! and a very cute Tsuki Hime (Moon Princess). So talented la, some made their own dresses and tutus … Winner of best dressed went to Alicia, who’s the Ocean Princess (On the left of the photo)

shu-uemura ob princess party forestMy… er… costume LOL…

shu uemura princess party hairMy hair do, twisted rope braid and an upgraded flower head band. I added the flowers n leaves and ribbons to make it more floral..

Meh, I think I’m pretty good in hair.. =__=

shu-uemura ob princess party tammywith the host Tammy (Plus Size Kitten) who came as Forest Princess as well.

shu-uemura ob princess pink

Sakura Hime

shu-uemura princess party pink

Another Sakura Hime!

shu-uemura door gift

Ooo this one… Shu Uemura gave us door gift, a RM 20 voucher (which I already used to purchase the oil) and a limited edition 24k gold eyelash curler…

I almost wanted to purchase a curler online cause mine broke but because they were out of stock so I didn’t buy… Now no need to buy already la!! gold samo !!

Thanks to Tammy for the invite and Shu Uemura for hosting!




12 Comments on OB for Shu Uemura Princess Party

  1. illy ariffin says:

    love your head gears and happy to meet you in person on that day.. Hope to meet again next time 🙂

    Which oil you bought from Shu Eumura?

  2. Colourful and fun ……It is nice to dress up once in a while. Cosplays are my favourite. I bet every girl at one point loves dressing up as princesses. Nice one…I love your flower headband.

  3. Tammy says:

    i love your post…so nice to read… think i too old to blog liao..

    P.S WHAT pot lucks the best…. no we have the most fun!!!!! WARR this is WARRRR…

    anyway… 😀 i’ve not joined a foodie’s pot party b4…. how fun is it…

    yes.. i think i got more pics of u in my kiwi album… no wonder u look familiar…

  4. Angeline Ng says:

    You look really nice with floral headband! 😀 Thanks for taking random pic with me haha! 😛


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