Giveaway : 2 x RM 50 cash voucher at Luxola

Hello all!

Since I’ve started to add more beauty stuffs on my blog, I thought it’s only right to share with my readers some goodie stuffs!

Ok I’ve been getting some stuffs from Luxola recently.

Sara Happ Red Velvet Lip Scrub & Lip Slip, Sleek Makeup Blush by three

Butter London Nail polish ( Black Knight, Queen Vic, Jack the Lad)

Annnd I’ve just kinda ordered some stuffs LOL, waiting for it to arrive. I ordered Rachel K’s CC Cream. I received a sample in one of my postage, it’s quite good. Moderate coverage, not too heavy and has a slight glow, and more stuffs from Sleek Makeup.

Luxola caters to savvy shoppers (yes thatโ€™s you!) looking for a handpicked selection of exclusive products from some of the most sought after international beauty brands. They are the first online luxury cosmetic and skin-care site in South East Asia as well as the first to be 100% backed by every brand they work with, ensuring their customers are receiving authentic products each and every time we order. Products are shipped directly from Singapore using DHL so receiving your order is never a stress or a mess! Although it takes a while to arrive (5-8 days)

Ok I know you’re probably thinking, isn’t this suppose to be a food / cake blog.. why all the sudden beauty stuffs.

Let’s put it this way. Apart from having knowledge about cooking n all, I think it’s important that ladies / women know beauty stuffs as well. I do not wanna turn into a 30 y/o aunty that knows only how to cook but looks like a 50 y/o. Ok this is going to get some sharp notes from some people. But I do believe deep down inside most women, they wanna look good in their own way. I just like beauty stuffs, cosmetics n all. Natural beauty.. well yes in a way. But enhancement makes it only better ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.


If you noticed, I have a 15% off on Luxola products on the right side bar, or direct link below, which you can use anytime..


And I also have 2 x RM 50 voucher for 2 lucky readers.

*Only first time customers

All you have to do is leave a comment with a link on which item you wanna get at the Punchtab plugin.


*Vouchers are not sponsored. It’s just a personal gesture for my readers.


10 Comments on Giveaway : 2 x RM 50 cash voucher at Luxola

  1. Sharon @ Feats of Feasts says:

    I want the sleek makeup mascara and liner duo in jet black!

  2. Antoniette White says:

    I want the Sara Happ Red Velvet Lip Scrub

  3. Antoniette White says:

    I really want that luxola makeup I really want it hahaha but ill wait…hopefully I win though

  4. ykristen says:

    Would be great to win this as great natural skin is always best

  5. SY says:

    I would like to get a Sigma Beauty Large Powder Brush! Thanks!

  6. Sue says:

    i would like to have the butter london nail polish

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