Big Bad Wolf 2012 – It’s an addiction


Ok, so here’s the end picture, with ALL the cookbooks I bought from BBW

BBW end


Just just just managed to fit ALL the books and me into the camera screen. Hehe…

(If every year I’m going to buy the cookbooks like that from BBW, I think I need a new bookshelf after next year. LOL )

Oh I tell you, it’s definitely an addiction.

BBW 3rd haul

I confess, last week when I said it was the last round, secretly inside me, I knew it wasn’t going to be. Sometime midweek, I wanted to go again cause it’s the last round and Maybe, JUST maybe, I can find nice stuffs.

*Like wtf, 47 books, later, I think it’s not enough and I wanna go get more*

But it’s not about getting more books, it’s about finding gems.

Luckily BBW only happens once a freaking year. *terribly broke*

Round 3 damage : 23 books, RM 295 (including 3 books bought for fellow bloggers)

BBW 3rd foodista

3rd time around, it’s quite different.

First, every thing was in order you probably only need to spend 2 hours there to get what you need. (what you THOUGHT you need)

Second, it’s the excitement of finding books that you did not see in the first round.

Third, it’s the moment when you see the ONE AND ONLY book in the stash of mess, and it’s a gem! I can say, third time around, if you see the books in my stash that you like, you might not be able to find it again…. But then again, some books were sold out during the first week itself.

It’s all about LUCK!


BBW 3rd good books

10 minutes into the hall, I got 6 books, ready to be deposited into the book deposits section. River Cafe, Top Chef, Nobu Cookbook and Bruce’s Cookbook. All 4 of these books probably only end up being the price of ONE book.


BBW 3rd gordon chef


Oh, please allow me to say, this is the most expensive book from my purchases in Big Bad Wolf. RM 45!!! why so expensive

hard cover, very big, lots of Gordon Ramsay’s michelin stared dish. Ok la RM 45, who am I kidding!!

Did I say it was an addiction ?

No, it’s an obsession!!!!!!









BBW 3rd small books


There are lots of these little penguin books, it may not seem interesting at first, but out of curiosity (actually I was just waiting for them to top up books so I end up reading these books… ) i  picked up a few of these, small compact, informative and funny.. only RM 5 each.


BBW 3rd others

First book I saw, Julia Child’s Mastering the art of French Cooking. LIKE SERIOUSLY!!! Ok la, I have it already but I’m so kind I quickly messaged a friend and ask if he wants the book cause he is a cookbook junkie JUST LIKE ME! My brother said “u sure u won’t buy the same book u bought 2 weeks ago ?? U remember what books u bought meh??”


These books are for fellow blogger friends whom they couldn’t find the book when they were there at BBW

Please thank me, I’m ever so awesome!

HAHAHA ok la.. kidding.

Gotta run!


PS: If you want to go, you can still make it.

Its held in Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre MIECC, Serdang

Date : 7th – 23rd December 2012

Time : 9am to 9pm (unless otherwise stated in their FB page)



Happy Holidays 🙂


10 Comments on Big Bad Wolf 2012 – It’s an addiction

  1. Alan (travellingfoodies) says:

    Thanks for thinking of me when you are there!!! Yes you are awesome. wahahaha

  2. sharon @ Feats of Feasts says:

    aiyah,,,,if i know u going again i oso want to place order… you see the ‘starting with ingredients – baking’ title anymore?

  3. Kelly Siew says:

    Hahahaha you are just a bit nuts, you know that? But if ‘Cleaving’ was for me, thank you so much for being so thoughtful!

  4. BBW has made so many people happy. I went twice and wish I could have gone more. Love all the cookbooks they had for sale! And the ones you got look gorgeous…

  5. Carolyn Tay says:

    This year they got lots of cookbooks compared to last year. Was a happy girl with all my bargains 😀

  6. Shannon Lim says:

    wah so many books! yes it’s an addiction and obsession 🙂 I wanted to go last weekend, but work caught up.. sigh. nvm, save me some $$$..

  7. justonecookbook says:

    Whoooooooooooooooa! So many books! I don’t even have half of those cookbooks at my home! Sounds like you have a lot of fun (and drooling) reading time. Looking forward to your amazing creations from the books!

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