Big Bad Wolf 2012 – The second trip during Mission 60

Opps I did it again! is just all I wanna say.

This is starting to sound alot of Rebecca Bloomwood from the Shopaholic chic lit.. Hehe

After the trip there on preview day, and a visit to BookXcess, I don’t know why I wanted to go to BBW again. Oh, cause I saw a book that I wanted to get but it was only recently available. Coincidentally, it was Mission 60, meaning they are open from Friday (14/12/12) 9am all the way to Sunday (16/12/12) 9pm.

So I went after dinner, reached about 10pm. Not many people actually during that time. The hall was only 25% full. Breeze walk again! But when we checked out, at about 1.30am, the crowd started to build. I’m just guessing that people finish dinner about 10 (or after dinner, bath, etc etc) then only make their way there and by the time they reach, it’s pass midnight. But then again, if u want to go, just go. There won’t be a time where there’s no traffic or no queue.

Damage : 47 books RM 470. 20 of them were mine, some were children books for my nieces and some were my brother’s books..

BBW 2 cookbooks

I swear, I wasn’t going in to buy another 20 books. I wanted to just get Heston’s and Crave, BUT I just somehow… I don’t know how, manage to lug back another loot that cost me RM 244 for all 20 of these books.

Most of them are new books not seen during my first trip. So, lesson is, going first doesnt mean you get the best books. Better luck wins you better books.

BBW 2 cookbook literature

Cooking literature, is that the right genre ? “Don’t try this at home” is quite a fun read. I’ve read a couple of pages; culinary catastrophes from the World’s greatest cooks and chefs. oh well, you bet! Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia, and Cleaving, where she left to became a butcherer after she completed her year of cooking her way thru Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

BBW 2 chinese books

very thin recipe books, only RM 3 each. The fried mushroom with panko looks so delish, I can’t help to buy it. Then ask my mom to cook it la! Hahaha

BBW 2 - telegraph

An excerpt from the book “Much Depends on Dinner” edited by Carolyn Hart. It’s a compilation of recipes by season from the Telegraph Magazine. The first word mentioned was “How do you define a great recipe” …. mmm I was kinda sold by it then..

BBW - celebrity chef books

The celebrity chef stash, big big fan of Masterchef Australia, so the very very moment I look down (I was actually just resting, and kinda standing) I saw Alice Medrich’s book. Really loh, I didn’t see when I walked in at 10pm.. but I saw at 1am.. LUCKY OR WHAT!! and also Gary and Matt Moran’s books. Ok these 4 books I just took it without looking inside, sometimes there are chefs that you kinda know of and trust and you don’t wanna put the book back when you’ve set eyes on it, especially at a SERIOUSLY SLASHED PRICE. I found these on Friday 14th, or rather SAturday 15th’s 1am, if anyone wants to know. I don’t think the quantity was able to last thru 6 or 12 hours.

BBW 2 - mission 60

And also, Ok la I was very lucky la.. When I left home on Friday for BBW, I didn’t know about the badge, until I was there and I checked on their FB, that they will be giving out 400 badges at midnight onwards. LUCKY OR WHAT!! So after the cashier, I went around looking for the counter that gives out this precious badge. et, voila, 20 minutes later, I have 2 badges! woot woot

That badge enables us to collect our preview pass for next year’s BBW. SERIOUS wan la!

ok la, abit kiasu d,  but …… if I don’t go on preview day, how am I going to get the stash of books then share with you guys .. Right right!!??!!??


Right, so….. Video again! This time it was accidentally split into 2 videos as I overhead something and had to stop a while. And in the second video, the whatsapp message was from you Grace! haha

And if you have got any books you got and want to share, please do!


You can see what other books I got on the Preview Day of Big Bad Wolf, the aftermath in BookXcess and what I got last year

If you want to go, you can still make it.

Its held in Mines International Exhibition Convention Centre MIECC, Serdang

Date : 7th – 23rd December 2012

Time : 9am to 9pm (unless otherwise stated in their FB page)




10 Comments on Big Bad Wolf 2012 – The second trip during Mission 60

  1. Sharon @ Feats of Feasts says:

    that book, chewy gooey crispy crunchy is such an interesting title. ahhh, i want to get more baking titles!

  2. Baby Sumo says:

    Wah next week I’m going back.. hopefully can find some good books then.

  3. Amelia Ching says:

    I didn’t find any book on Heston or by Heston! 🙁

  4. ulric says:

    I think I m gonna call u a ‘Big Bad Wolf bookaholic’…hahaha 😛

  5. Kelly Siew says:

    I didn’t see that other Julie Powell’s book last time, grrrrr! Have to go back again! Also the Matt Moran and Gary Mehigan’s ones. So blind!

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