After the Big Bad Wolf Sale….


You are not expecting me to stop and 1 round, do you ? Hahaha

I did not go to the Big Bad Wolf again, I went there to deliver some cupcakes (in which you can buy after you pass through the cashier, and some nice coffee) So after I delivered the goods, I was stuck in an awefully BAD JAM!! I needed to go to the toilet, so the nearest mall was actually Amcorp Mall, where BookXcess is located. I go there often to find for some gems. I haven’t been there in a while tho so I was hoping I could find some more interesting books.

Which I did!!

After you purchase stuffs from Big Bad Wolf, under the receipt, there’s a RM 10 Voucher which you can redeem from BookXcess and also a 1 year membership (which entitles for 5 or 10% discount) Redeemed now. Haha… so what did I buy ?

I did another video haha I think video logging is quite convenient. Haha

So these are the books that I got!


See what books I got from Big Bad Wolf during preview day.



4 Comments on After the Big Bad Wolf Sale….

  1. Michelle says:

    I went to the BBW book sale after reading about your cookbook haul! GOD WAS I EXCITED. I was seriously in cloud 9 after my purchases ( but seeing your Joy of Cooking made my inside die with jealousy lol!!! What a find! I might go to Book Xcess just to see I can find anything remotely close…

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