Potato Possibilities with US Potato Board at Le Meridien KL

How many dishes do you think you can make with a simple ingredient, called potato. Just right at the back of your head, what comes to your mind ?

French fries!! Mashed potato, potato salad,  baked potato, soup, potato chips (heheheheh) topping for shepherd’s pie, double baked potato skin, hrmm what else.. potato bread? Yes, potatoes are very versatile and, did you also know that there are alot more other variety of potato? Other than the normal Russet and Yellow flesh Potatoes you see in store, you can now get other varieties and pump up your Christmas dinner .

Potatoes are vegetables and are high in potassium, much higher than bananas in fact. They are low in calorie, high in fiber, no fat and contains no sodium.

Yes, we all know, at some certain point MANY vegetables have very high minerals and vitamins, low in fat, no cholesterol, high in fiber etc etc.. but LET’s be honest. We’re definitely NOT going to eat the potato raw and in all respect, different cooking methods could also change a little, or drastically the nutritional values. Say, a steamed or boiled potato wouldn’t have the same attributes of a deep fried potato wedge, or french fries! A bowl of mash, might not be healthier than a side of baked potatoes. So, really, despite the goodness of this amazing thing called POTATO, it really comes down to how you prepare it. It is something you can control to bring out the best of the potato. (and to your waistline)

Tip from Health and Wellness Expert Carina Lipold, “A medium sized potato (about 150g) steamed and eaten with skin, provides up to 48% of a person’s daily recommended intake of Vitamin C, more potassium than a banana as well as other important minerals.”

I personally love potato skins, especially if it’s double baked!! I will share the recipe of a double baked potato skin and guacamole when I got the pictures sorted. In the mean time, check out the other variety of potatoes offered by the US Potato Board.

top l to r, Blue Purple Potatoes, Russet Potatoes, Yellow Flesh Potatoes; bottom l to r, Round white potatoes, Round Red potatoes and Long White potatoes.

look! even more variety. Can we have the red flesh ones too ?

So what to do with these potatoes ?

For Russet, it is best for baking, frying, mashing or pureeing. It is dry, fluffy, mealy. The Reds and Whites are good for boil, roast, steam, bake, scalloped/au gratin, soups, salads. The whites have a smoother flesh and the Reds have a crispier skin when roasted. The yellow / gold have a denser, creamier texture and it’s good for boil, mash, roast, fry. The Blue Purple ones are originated from South America. Their deep purple or blue skin and flesh may lighten or change color during cooking. Texture like a russet. Fingerlings are smaller potatoes, sized 5-10cm long. Good for boil, bake, steam, salads.

Now that you know more about the variety of US Potato, let’s see some canapes prepared by Chef Antoine, the Executive Chef of Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur.

US Blue Purple potato dumpling filled with spicy coconut and prawns. Vichyssoises made with 3 types of US potatoes (US Yukon Gold, US Red, US Blue Purple)

US potato chawanmushi. US Red potato case with chicken rendang. Both are some of my fav dishes.

US Yukon gold potato & cheese croquette with chili tomato smoked dip. Roasted US fingerling potato with garlic, chili, olive oil, feta crumble and sundried tomato. (my fav too)

They would make a good canape choice if canapes are the only food you’re serving in your party. Potatoes can be very filling if eaten alot, so with these canapes, your guests can feel full even if they didn’t eat any main meals. But if you’re going to serve a main meal after, it’s going to take alot of stomach space, especially if the main meal consists of ALOT of potatoes. HAHA

Chef Antoine and his assistant is preparing our next dish..

US Russet potato and US Blue purple potato cake with garlic and chive cream sauce.

Chef also did a demo on the Roasted US fingerling potato with garlic, chili, olive oil, feta crumble and sundried tomato.

Very yummy flavours actually. I could smell it even before he put into the oven. The sundried tomato and garlic confit, and some provencal herbs work really well together. I can eat this over and over again, maybe I should make this for my next dinner party! I’ll post up the recipe in separate post.

After the canapes and Chef Antoine’s demo, we were served a 4 course dinner, with the presence of potato in every dish. I know, it’s like taking potato dining to the next level, but I’m not sure if I’m keen to have so much potato in a meal. You can however pick some  ideas, and perhaps make it for your next dinner party….. let’s see, Christmas?

Chunky long white US potato & clam chowder served with sweet corn, cheddar cheese and ciabatta crouton.

Seared sea scallop, truffle mashed US round red potato with parmesan wafer.

US Red potato cheese cake & US Blue purple potato chips with compressed turkey terrine served with cranberry jelly and “jus tranche”

US Russet potato chocolate cake.

After this meal, I was definitely potato-fied. But I would now know what other varieties of US Potatoes I can use for my next meal. And maybe with a little creativity, the dish can be just as awesome.

Thanks to Shannon for extending the invitation and EverQuest for holding this event. Thanks to US Potato Board and Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur for exploring more variety of potatoes.


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  1. Kelly Siew says:

    I felt full just looking at these pics! I like the look of those purple potatoes! Living with a potato living Irish dude, you can bet that potatoes make regular appearances on my dining table… Though potato cake..hmmmm that’s new! Did it taste… Dessert-y?

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee potatoes.. I know it’s extremely versatile, but all I do with it is just ABC , or bake !. . . LoL. ;P lay-zee ah!! XDDD

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