Whole-day Breakkie

What do you eat for breakfast ? Nasi lemak? Fried mee ? or bee hoon ? Eggs and Toast ? Roti Canai or Bah Kut Teh ? Hehe, living in Malaysia, the choices for breakfast are more like “everyday food” being eaten earlier. Sometimes over the weekend, I like to make THE big breakfast. But not necessarily being eaten during breakfast hours. They’re more for lunch instead. Lol.

1 egg with cheese, 3 bacon, 2 slices multigrain loaf, tomato.. ‘
Don’t judge me.

This was actually my lunch

after eating a small plate of bah kut teh



I think I can live with just having eggs and cheese for breakfast for the rest of my life. Really, I like eggs.


8 Comments on Whole-day Breakkie

  1. tracieMoo says:

    arh! caught you blogging during……
    eggs, cheese and ham are my fav! love them for breakfast..
    I bet you fried the bacon, get all the oil then only fry the egg right??

  2. Swee San says:

    bahahahah ssshhhhhh

    yah.. at first i wanna eat bacon onli.. den after frying the bacon i see … abit waste to throw away the oil so i fry the egg also lar .. lol

  3. Shirley @ Kokken69 says:

    I don't suppose this can go wrong at any meal time. You are right to fry the egg – otherwise, this would be too folorn and incomplete!

  4. wendyywy @ Table for 2 or more..... says:

    Oh… the runny yolks.. catch them before they run away.

  5. Anncoo says:

    I don't mind to have this everyday cos this is my favorite.

  6. pigpigscorner says:

    I'm so jealous, I only have cereal for breakfast.

  7. Swee San says:

    @Shirley, yeah that's why i cooked everything else on the plate. hehe

    @Wendy, runny yolks are z best 😉

    @Anncoo, haha but very fat ar…

    @pigpigscorner, *sends some bacon*…

  8. Clare @ Mrs Multitasker says:

    I totally hear you. I LOVE brunch food. And I'm amazed you had this after bak kut teh! haha (not judging, not judging)

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