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Aspiring Bakers #23: Desserts on a plate (September 2012)

UPDATE : extended to 7th October 2012. You may still submit before the roundup goes up on 8th.

well, you know I’m not going to make it easy for you right ? Haha

Anyway, first and foremost, Thanks to Smallsmallbaker for giving me a chance to host this event. I’ve just realized that #23, means we are all just 1 month short of being 2 years! And I’m giving you a run for your money *smirk* Well, if you’re wondering what this event means, it’s sorta like you bake something according to the theme and then submit to the month’s host (which happen to be me) Easy as that. So what is it about this month’s theme. I reckon after 23 months of baking, there must be some sorta improvements. So I’ve decided to up the game and put my 2nd favourite thing, “plated desserts” as this month’s theme.

Autumn; gingerbeer cake with almond crumble, gingerbeer sauce and pear ice sorbet

So what exactly is plated dessert, one may ask.

“When I cut and serve my cake, I put it on a plate… so does it count as plated dessert?”

It is not. We all know we need to serve cakes on a plate, but that doesn’t classify as plated desserts. Desserts and cake are somewhat different. Cakes are mainly in a form of a tin / pan but desserts can be free form or messily but carefully assembled, some may call it deconstructed.

“So, does that mean a slice of chocolate cake, with homemade ice cream, and maybe ganache or berry coulis sauce is a plated dessert?”

In simple ways, yes. Ideally it’s just a form of cake/pastry, with at least two other components (there are usually 3, but i take 2 for a start. feel free to challenge yourself and make 3 if you wan)

“Aiyah easy lah, I just bake a butter cake then garnish with cut fruits and sprinkle some snow powder la.. can right?”

Well, in most plated desserts, raw fruits are often just considered as a garnish and not a component. Fruits are often transformed or refined to compliment the main cake rather than just as a garnish. Say for example an earl grey tea cake, can be served with poached pears and vanilla ice cream or whipped cream. I take the above example in the question as a no.

“So, a main and 2 components that are not just cut fruits or mint leaves on a plate??”

Yes. That’s right

“Sounds very difficult!! Can you give me other examples?”

Not at all, you don’t have to overthink about creating over the top deconstructive desserts, but just think what can you pair with the main dish, to harmonize the flavour and texture. Other simple examples are like:

So, just give it a try and plate something. step out of the box and try something fun! You didn’t think I was going to make it so straight forward, did u?

“Ok I’m up for something more challenging, where can I look for ideas?”

Your creativity and thinking out of the box should be able to give u lots of ideas. Look in AU’s masterchef site for more inspiration. or go through some of Johnny Iuzzini (Top Chef Just Desserts judge), Lemonpi, Janice Wong (2am dessert bar);(ok janice wong might be abit too ambitious) but you know the gist. I know you guys can do it! It’s Aspiring Bakers, right?


Chocolate Phyllo tart with flambee bananas, chocolate sauce

So once you’ve get your head around the title, here’s the bread and butter

Step 1 :
Make a plated dessert, in the month of September 2012.

Step 2 :
Post it on your blog between 01 September 2012 and 7 October 2012.
Your post must include the recipe or link to the original recipe. If you are using a recipe from a book, please include the title of the book too.
Any entries that are posted outside the date range will not be accepted.
Any entries that do not include a recipe or link to the original recipe will not be accepted too.

Step 3 :
Please mention that you are submitting your post to Aspiring Bakers #23: Desserts on a plate (September 2012)hosted by Swee San of The Sweet Spot and provide a link back to this post HERE.
Entries will not be accepted if the above is not included.

Step 4 :
Email to swee.san(at) in the following format:

Your name or nickname:
Your blog name: (omit this if you do not have a blog)
Name of your bake/dish:
URL of your post:
URL of your photo (one photo for each entry):
(alternatively, you can attach your photo in your email, preferably less than 500kb).

Please use “Aspiring Bakers #23″ as your email subject. You may submit more than 1 entry.

The roundup will be posted on 08 October 2012.

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6 Comments on Aspiring Bakers #23: Desserts on a plate (September 2012)

  1. BakingTray
    Tuesday, September 4, 2012 at 8:36 PM (2 years ago)

    Hey Swee~ Just came across your blog while looking up the next Aspiring Bakers =) I’m excited about this month’s one ^^ hope i can make something to fit the brief :) thanks for hosting!

  2. Swee San
    Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 11:49 AM (2 years ago)

    Hi Baking Tray, looking forward to see your post!

  3. Alice
    Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 4:18 PM (2 years ago)

    Something I usually only buy, not make LOL
    will give it a try, wish me luck :)
    thks for hosting for this month AB :)

    • Swee San
      Thursday, September 6, 2012 at 10:44 AM (2 years ago)

      Hi Alice, Sure give it a try :) look forward to seeing ur post

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