The story of the BIG Breakfast

I actually wanted to post this in the morning, but since I’m so awake now, I might as well do it. If u follow me on twitter (IF you haven’t, follow now! @sweesan) u’d have seen my mini cooking adventure lol.

Sometimes I stock up sausages in the freezer cause they’re always handy whether I’m making instant noodle or craving for some savoury snacks. And one morning, I woke up and decided ok I wanna have the Cheese Sausage for breakfast.

Then, I thought, Okay, why don’t I make scrambled eggs cause all I’ve been thinking was Bill’s scrambled eggs in Surry Hills <3

So I cracked 2 eggs, added some milk (wanted to add cream but there weren’t any in the fridge) salt and pepper. And scrambled it.

Then, I remembered! Oh I bought a wholemeal baguette the day before, I might as well toast it on the pan. So I went and slice 2 pieces and just lightly toast it.

Just when you thought ok, she should be done…. I suddenly recalled this “morning crepe” I always make when I was working in Sydney. It’s crepe with caramelized onion, mushroom, egg and maple syrup. So OKAY!! Maybe I will just cut some onion and caramelize it.

*sizzle sizzle sizzle* – At that point, the eggs were scrambled, the baguette were toasted and the sausage is still cooking on the same pan as the onion.

I ran to the fridge, grabbed some oyster mushrooms, washed them and chuck them together with the onions. Whilst checking out the fridge, I saw this cute tomato and I thought, okay some vege wouldn’t hurt. So I sliced the tomato in half and put it in the pan with the rest of stuffs.

*seriously did I cook too much???*

Then, I saw this white wine (leftover from the carbonara) and decided to add some into my caramelized onion and mushroom.


I think I had too much.

But it was FREAKING GOOOOOOOOOD I tell ya. Most satisfactory breakfast ever at home, and don’t need to pay a ridiculous price for it.


6 Comments on The story of the BIG Breakfast

  1. tracieMoo says:

    It's okay swee san, your greed had made a fantastic outcome! Looks like something I would pay a bom to have breakfast for in porch hotels during good guiltless vacation 😛

    Noww.. let me see what I should have for breakfast today…. 😛

  2. Jia says:

    Ahaha I'm yet to try Bill's scrambled eggs. I been hearing good things about them. I keep going back to my favourite cafe on Crown St. Lolz

  3. CUMI & CIKI says:

    looks freaking good alrite:)

  4. This looks like a fantastic breakfast!

  5. Quinn says:

    Swee San, you pay AUD17 for that plate of big breakfast in Australia and the difference is, they use truffle oil instead of normal oil. And a quick google you realise truffle oil doesn't even contain real truffle in it, AUD17 for a plate of chemistry bonded oil in everything? Give me EVOO anytime!

  6. Swee San says:

    Tracie : Yah and it only cost like a fingernail instead of an arm..

    Jia : Really ?? I like Bill's and this place in Bondi, can't remember though but they had this fritter with smoked salmon and spinach .. awesomelicious!

    Cumi & Ciki: veery filling too!!

    Fresh Local & Best : And I actually had a glass of orange and carrot juice 😛

    Quinn : Well over here I think it's about RM20++ for a plate like that.. I dont think I could tell the difference if its truffle oil or EVOO :S

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