Supplies Surprise Bazaar #4: Aftermath

So it’s over and done.

The bazaar was on Saturday, I stayed up till 4.30am on Thursday night, and till 7am on Friday night (which was also the morning of Saturday) to make all the stuffs.

What can I say, since it’s the first time I’m doing a bazaar sale thingy, I didn’t know how much or what to expect, so I just kept churning out stuffs to make sure I have enough whenever someone drops by my booth. And I had WAAAYYYY too much. The sales of the day could just cover the cost of my stuffs, but I had like lots of leftover cupcakes and Christmas cookies.

I guess I should now give them out to orphan homes or to anyone I see on the road. 😛 Well, a little charity work could be good to end off year 2011.

Here are some of the stuffs that I made, and how the booth looked like.

Taken immediately after the booth was set up. Then moved the box at the back, and forgot to take another picture 😛

Yummy marshmallow!! oh it’s so yummy… really really soft and fluffy and light, and it doesn’t involve any eggs white! After all the macaron making, I have like close to 40 egg yolks.

Christmas cookiesssss!!! Well My mom helped decorated most of the cookies. I just made one for sample then just helped put the decoratives on it. And mom & dad also helped me pack the cupcakes, write the labels and seal! What would I do without them <3

Mogador!! Goodness this one was yummiest. I used Felchin’s Rondor 38.5% Ok ok I know it’s not Valrhona or any of those RM 100 / kg chocolate. This one was about RM 40/kg. #closeenough.jpg :p It’s passionfruit and milk chocolate. At first I was afraid that it would be cloyingly sweet as I’m more a fan of dark than milk, but turns out just balanced, with a littly tang at the back of your throat.

Chocolate. with chocolate ganache. In Pierre Herme’s recipe, it uses 100% cocoa mass ? I bought that, but I wasn’t keen on trying an entirely new recipe in such a short time. So I just used my regular recipe and added 15g of cocoa powder (to TPT of 400g) For the chocolate ganache, I used Felchin’s Rondo 70% dark as well. Using Valrhona for a bake sale, is, …. em, well, I’m too stingy for that. And especially when people refuse to understand the types and importance of chocolate. Oh well. I shall keep the Guanaja for special occasions. Nevertheless, this was good! I blew some edible copper dust on top for a light shade of red. (OH SANTA I WANT A AIRBRUSH MACHINE PLEASE!)

Blue ones were kumquat. WHAT? Kumquat.

It’s vanilla italian buttercream with homemade spiced kumquat marmalade. Marmalade has like a whole pod of vanilla, 2 cloves and 1 star anise. Did I also tell you, I made all 850g of kumquat? Since it can keep, I might as well right? Let’s do kumquat madeleine, entremet and er, doughnuts? Just saying.

And the other 2 were coffee and caramel, and green tea and red bean. Which I haven’t took their pictures yet. Well, next time.




9 Comments on Supplies Surprise Bazaar #4: Aftermath

  1. Good that you’ve covered your cost. That’s alot of variety you made! I can imagine it must have been quite an experience!

  2. Janine says:

    At least you covered cost! I guess the people at the bazaar don’t know how to appreciate your goodies yet. Now if only I was around, I’d definitely get the mogador off you – it looks absolutely delicious!

  3. Janine says:

    PS: you hand pulled your own candy canes? that’s amazing!

  4. Your macarons are so immaculate. If you’re based here I’d so order from you!

  5. Swee San says:

    Shirley, Yeah probably too much variety. Could have skipped the cupcakes.

    Janine, No I didn’t hand pull the candy canes. I haven’t pulled sugar for about 4 years now. :S

    Pickyin, Thanks. I’m getting better and better everytime I make them. Like the exact temperature and the exact time. (Although I would say, sometimes the first batch always gets in the way, just like the 1st pancake is always almost unusable)

  6. janice says:

    where do you usually buy your baking chocolates ? i couldn’t find any good chocolate in PJ area.

  7. Swee San says:

    Janice, I for Felchin you can go to PAstry Pro in Kepong, for Valrhona, you can contact gourmandines online, for Callebaut or other chocolates, Aeroshield (in Ampang if i’m not wrong) None in PJ area actually, but Chang Tung has okay couverture chocolate. about 30/kg

  8. Che-Cheh says:

    Hey bravo! I like the way you decorated the booth. And your macaroons ohhh looks so yummy. Very pro! 🙂

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