Ben’s Independent Grocer @ Publika

Well, BIG has conquered the dining scene in Bangsar, now bring it on Publika.

I must have done something good. My current headquarters is located in Publika, the home of the EAT village (with all yummy pork goodness) and the latest addition, Ben’s Independent Grocer. Now put a foodie in an area of 50,000 square feet, that stocks fresh produce, dry goods, organic products and even has a bakery and café?; hyped up!

It;s an everything-under-one-roof place. You can find a bakery, a hot food store, butchery, roasters, winery, cheese room and even florist! It’s quite hard to miss anything here. There’s also a chocolate bar coming up!


Lots of cheeses and dairy products

beans, pulses, sauces, oils.

Barn Butchery.

Ben & jerry’s ice cream!

Coolest non-halan sign in a supermarket.

ah! kokoblack from melbourne! (but

bought a box of sea salt flakes and saffron!!

Ahh… awesome isn’t it? I still have yet to walk the entire place, as I’m usually lingering around only during lunch time. I may take just 15 minutes to walk into a boutique, try something and buy a shirt but if it’s a grocery store so huge like this, I need an hour!

All 7 cups for RM 3.50! What a steal! They are having an opening promotion till 10th Nov in Plan b roasters in B.I.G. It’s the one behind the cashiers. Now hurry go get your cup!

The coffee’s not too bad. not too bitter and doesnt leave a sour aftertaste, and not too hot. I’m against coffee that burns the tongue as it destroys the goodness in the milk. They are also using Farmhouse milk. Almost everything on the menu is RM 0.50. That includes your regular cappuccino and latte 🙂

Believe me now ? Only from 9am to 11am from now till 10th Nov.

Coming up next, Ben’s General Food Store in B.I.G…



9 Comments on Ben’s Independent Grocer @ Publika

  1. wendyywy says:


    I was bursting with laughter when I saw those upright pigs with trotters still on.

    I must go, must go must go. See you BIG on Dec 16-17

  2. Swee San says:

    no leh they’re not pigs

  3. wendyywy says:

    not pigs?
    Then what are those hanging in the barn butchery? Cows can’t be that small, and can’t be lamb, got so many ppl buy lamb meh?

  4. They have to be very progressive to hang pigs like that in Malaysia…. :D….

  5. Reese says:

    I like the non-halal sigh…hehe! May go for a visit someday…:)

  6. Swee San says:

    the hanging animals are lambs.. there’s only 1 left there, now and alot more lamb cuts on the shelves..

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