See what has twitter done to me. Everytime I want to express or narrate something irrelevant, but also relevant at the same time, I’ll use #something or *insert something* Haha ok nevermind.

In the midst of compiling some posts now, but here’s a little short update, if anyone is interested at all.

Well u know I mentioned a few posts back that I would do a kitchen post, it’s not 100% done yet, probably at 90% now, waiting for some glass shelves to be installed and a few bar chairs. So it’s not going to be up till it’s 100%. But in the meantime, here are other shots..

Well, it really doesn’t look like I have alot of books at all. I’m sure it can take on more. !! 😛

The books are kinda segregated to baking, cooking, asian, short-books-that-can-fit-small-shelves, non-fiction, references, local, non-english, celebrity chefs, magazines and cake decorating ones..Oh yeah they’re all cookbooks except for a set of twilight and shopaholic series…

Ah, the mini herb garden. Just a sneak peek picture though. This one here, you can see sage (bottom, just the leaves) sweet basil, and rosemary at the back. Kaffir and aloe vera photobomed the picture hehe

(Wendy if you’re reading this, it’s the same rosemary plant u gave me last time, it is still THAT small)

The dogs benefited from the move as well. Big running space! well hell yeah!! Run dog run!!!

Ok, till then.



3 Comments on #RandomUpdate

  1. yeemei says:

    when can we go visit your new place?

  2. wendyywy says:

    woah… still very small ler.
    My MIL snipped all the sweet basil tops thinking that it’ll grow back again..but they never did… LOL.
    I hope she brings back more seeds this time

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