Korea Trip 2011 : Bangsan Market

If there’s one place I anticipated most prior to this trip, it’d be Bangsan Market. Actually as mentioned, I had a few places that I really wanted to go in Seoul, luckily I managed to go to most of them. Some of them, were closed down, it’s quite sad.

One of them was in the Kdrama, Kim Sam Soon, the one where she got drove to this patisserie in Apgujeong and had a spread of dessert across 2-3 tables. The place looked awesome. So being the ‘patissier’ me, I decided to check that place out. Towards the end of the trip, our group split and went to places we wanted to go ourselves. It really is pointless to ask me to go shopping when all I wanna do is to check out desserts and cafes; and vice versa. So 2 of us took the train to Apgujeong, walked abit then found the area. We’re actually right infront of the original shop, BUT we couldn’t find the name of the shop (it’s called Duchamp). It was a hilly road, then we met some locals there and asked where exactly is Duchamp. They helped us to ask around in Hangul, then found out that the place was closed down recently. ggggrrr!!!

So anyway, we left Apgujeong and went to Bangsan Market.

The market itself, was just 2 lanes (3 rows of shops; make that just about 12 shops) all filled with baking ingredients, utensils, equipments, accessories, boxes, cutters and everything you can think of. (Ok not like e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, but more stuffs than regular baking shops here) I didn’t really check out the ingredients as I knew I won’t be able to bring any back due to luggage. So I focused on looking for smaller stuffs and hard to get here in Malaysia.

This area is like a wholesale hobby’s market. They are divided into sections like baking / boxes, sewing / handicraft, rubber and plastic materials, and even pets’ stuffs as well (as read from the map) I hadn’t had lots of time to explore much around the area as I went to Bangsan market on the last day of the trip.

If you’ve watched Kdrama, Kim Sam Soon, you would know of this place as it’s one of a filming location as well.This particular shop sells more ingredients compared to the rest. I bought a miniature Creme de Framboises and Liquor de Roses from here. They have more, but I didn’t wanna spend all my money here in ONE shop..still have yet to use them, not sure how ‘nice’ they taste.. The rose one looks like the one in Yumeiro Patisserie (Japanese Anime) tho..

Now how to get there..

Take subway Line 5 Euljiro 4(sa)-ga Stn. Exit 4. Walk 250 m. (btw, Exit 3 is just opposite Exit 4, there’s a shop called Sewing Factory, the owner/salesperson is so cute! Best looking guy we’ve seen this entire trip. Ha! Ok back to reality, they have really nice fabric in there as well)

The dark blue ‘stream’ you see in the map is Chenggyecheon Stream. It’s quite beautiful at night, but there’s an even more awesome bridge; Banpo Rainbow Fountain Bridge. Post about that another day.

Ok, the things I bought that day.

From Bangsan Market : Canele moulds, madeleine moulds, cookie alphabet imprints, baguette pans, Creme de Framboises and Liqueur de Roses

From the Family mart: Absolut pear and Midori (Just cause it’s in the picture)

The other 4 props are from Daiso in Seoul. Some 1000 won, some 2000.

I have only used the alphabet imprints and the heart shaped ramekin. the rest are in the drawers for emergency cases when I wanna bake canele, madeleine or baguette. Don’t that always happen. When you wanna bake something, you don’t have the right mould or pan..


4 Comments on Korea Trip 2011 : Bangsan Market

  1. So this is the place you told me earlier, all items you bought and i only have one baguette pans,hehehe..Thanks for sharing, if i go one day, i make sure to visit this place. By the way, what is the Kdrama name you mentioned? i want to watch ..

    • Swee San says:

      Sonia, I just mentioned on the blog post, it’s called Kim Sam Soon

      Wendy, not cheap, about 7000 won.. means about RM21 for ONE … liqueur was 8000 won each (RM 24) Can’t remember the madeleine one tho ..

  2. wendyywy says:

    Are the canelle moulds cheap???

  3. Janine says:

    wahhhh this looks like a place in heaven for me! definitely bookmarking this for my trip to korea 😀

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