Summer checking in at 4.5 months

So just got a new camera (Canon s90) and still playing with it..

The day photos were taking with the Pet / Kids setting and the night photos were taken with the low light function with ISO ranging from 2000 to 3200 .. still figuring out the whole apperture, shutter speed, thingy.. Anyway … some photos.

Eh no actually this photo was taken with a different Powershot (If i’m not mistaken its a S3 or something, super old already).. But I decided to slot it in since she’s grown from 1 1/4 tiles to 2 tiles.. tee hee ..
She’s kinda big now and her fur grows like a swirl pattern especially on her butt and chest. Seems like a dash of wind coming thru cause her ears are all tucked behind! lol
She’s like big paw, big tongue and big ears… but small eyes lol
this pic was on ISO 2000 1/60 F2.0 and he is Hugo !! <3 compared to Summer he’s quite an angel HAHAHAHA ok I’m serious ok.. Summer is super ganas one.. cause she will create fights with Hugo ppfftt..
Aiyoh what should I do so they make peace..


6 Comments on Summer checking in at 4.5 months

  1. Che-Cheh says:

    Wah Summer bully Hugo. Nottie Summer.
    She's very cute la.

  2. Swee San says:

    @Fresh Local and Best : hehe thanks 🙂

    @Che-Cheh : cute but like devil hahaha

  3. Trissa says:

    Nothing more adorable than dogs playing! Love the shots you took with your new camera!

  4. Is this Golden retriever? I have one at home.

  5. Swee San says:

    @Trissa :Yeah they'd better be playing and not fighting lol 🙂

    @Sonia : Yes both of them are Goldens.. oh cute! we can have play date hahaha

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