Big Bad Wolf Sale 2011

Big Bad Wolf Sale! Have you heard of it ? It’s the biggest and baddest book sale. I was contemplating on whether to go or not as it was SO SO far away, in Serdang. It was in MAEPS near UPM and it’s a long way drive there for someone from Klang. When someone told me that there are quite some cookbooks there, I was tempted. I had to go. So I made my way there via GPS and ended up in this huge factory look a like thing.

Date: 7th-16th October 2011

Time : 10am to 9pm

Venue: MAEPS, Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang (Hall A)

I was there early, say about 10am (it started at 10), there were already alot of cars there. Once you’ve reached the parking there would be shuttle busses to pick u and go to the main hall. It is quite impossible to walk there as it’s right under the bright and shiny sun.

I was there early, 10am, there wasn’t any queue. So I then entered without any problems. Then I went in, o.m.g.. HUGE!!! crazy HUGE!! So I thought, ok, probably there won’t be a long queue cause it’s so big anyway. I’m sure it can fit a couple thousands people.. Boy was I wrong, when I left (at 11.45am) the queue was at least 30 people.. Yeah, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!

So as I was only looking for cookery books, it was quite alot.. In fact, it’s one of those topics with more tables under the non-fiction section. There were others like Photography, Bibliography, Coffee Table Books, Self-Help, Religious, and not forgetting the children’s books section. It was huge too! There are as well fictions and I am not at all interested in fiction books. The only books I’ve read are the Twilight and Shopaholic series, and a couple other asian related stories..

I could only head straight to the cookery section and walk a few rounds there, just making sure I don’t miss any books.. Kiasuism…

There are authors like Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and lots more.. But some of the books are quite limited. If you see what you like, grab it first because you most likely can’t find it later (unless it’s those that has alot of copies available.. )

If you’re thinking “How am I going to carry all those books and still walk!!??” Not to worry, they have storage stations. What you do is find the station, ask them for a box, then put your name and box there. They will give you a number and you just walk around with the number in you bag. 10 minutes later, if you’ve got more books, just go back to the same station and tell them your number, add on the books in the ‘storage’ Then you continue again, till you’re ready to check out and pay. But PLEASE REMEMBER that you’ll be carrying those books from the point the bus drops you, to your car..It’s wise to go with another person, preferably a guy or someone that can carry heavy stuffs.

Some tips you might wanna know if you’re planning to go.

1. Go early. Trust me.

2. Bring a trolley if you have. Otherwise, bring a small suitcase. I am not kidding, I saw alot of these when I was there. Anything with wheels and a handle is good.

3. Ventilation is alright in there, not too hot. Try not to bring kids that are too young. You will be distracted.

4. If you see a book that you like, take it, unless there are a cartful of it (read: hundreds of copies) Some books are quite limited.

5. Check the books for any torn pages or cover before buying them.

6. Check publication date (well, this is just me. Sometimes I like to know when was the book first published.)

7. Water and food is prohibited in the books section, but surely a small bottle in the handbag wouldn’t hurt. There are only water stations available at the exit (after you pay the books).

8. There are shuttle busses to fetch you from the carpark to the hall and vise versa. But because there will be alot of carpark lots, be sure to tell the bus driver when to stop.

9. If you’re looking for fiction books, they actually arranged them in order. Like 1st table could be A,B and C, then the next would be D,E and F.. Ask the people in charge there if you need help. They’re pretty friendly.

10. Don’t be a smart ass and ask the workers to look for books for you. It’s a warehouse sale. Whatever is there, is there.

OK. So here are the books that I bought. 12 books and 4 magazines (not in picture, but they were backdated delicious UK mags). Guess how much ?? I would have bought more if I didn’t go alone πŸ˜›

I’d give you some hint, the most expensive was RM 25 and the cheapest was RM5

Ok. they were RM 200, for 12 books and 4 mags.. They were all cheaper than my latest Hidemi Sugino’s book.


10 Comments on Big Bad Wolf Sale 2011

  1. Mrs ErgΓΌl says:

    That is such a steal!!! I’m jealous!

  2. Katherine says:

    Wise women think alike, eh? πŸ™‚ Me from Klang too. Best booksale ever. Was there yesterday.

  3. Sem says:

    oh, you bought Cookwise, is there a lot copies? i bought Bakewise and it is really interesting to read and full of useful tips, which i would like to search for Cookwise which is the earlier book released by SHirley. Is the Cake Bible of US edition? As i have bought the Nigella’s Christmas in US edition from the earlier BBW Bkshop,which explained for vast price difference.

  4. Swee San says:

    Mrs Ergul: Oh the perks (sometimes) of living in Malaysia.. haha

    Katherine: not too sure if it’s the best booksale ever but probably a good steal for cookbooks!

    Sem: I haven’t seen much, probably a handful. Yup I got Bakewise at full price (in a regular bookstore) and it’s pretty informative. Gonna give Cookwise a good read..

    Wendy: Oh well… hahaha it’s until next Sunday πŸ˜‰

  5. We are so jealous Vijay refuses to hear me talk about it. I see you got the Cake Bible. It’s highly rated yes? Have you made anything from there?

    • Swee San says:

      Pickyin, I’ve heard many talk abt Beranbaum’s books.. It’s not exactly my type of baking, but it’s good for reference, I guess πŸ˜› Will try some recipes from the book when my house is in a proper manner (still installing stuffs!!)

  6. Sem says:

    Hi, finally i went yesterday but didnt see any of the books that you bought, how lucky are you indeed, except for Jamie’s kitchen which are plenty.

    • Swee San says:

      Hi Sem, oh thats too bad.. I heard they topped up some books ? Jamie’s Kitchen and Nigella Christmas was plenty!! Though I’ve already bought Nigella Christmas few years ago when BookXcess first opened.. Maybe they’ll have other books available in their store after the sale is over.. Can go check them out too… Cheers

  7. smallkucing says:

    LOL…good buys… You can have one more go at it. I just saw their FB. They are going to have a clearance sale this coming 24-8 Nov. Venue not announced yet

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