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Note: Am still in the midst of packing/moving/unpacking/cleaning; hence new blog posts will be slower than usual. Will do a short post about The New Kitchen when it’s ready. Of course it is still not complete yet. ppfftt. Anyway, that’s that and here’s a new post 😉



Eeekk lo and behold, possibly the cutest thing you ever see in this blog of mine. I am not a fan of cutsey pinky stuffs but meh, I adore Hello Kitty. Haha.Inspiration came from I-Heart-Baking nonetheless. Can you see the amount of hello kitty bakes there ? hehe

They are filled with raspberry buttercream filling, except that I can’t remember if it was the Italian or French Buttercream.

I wanted to make them, coincidentally I was meeting up with Reese, so I gave her and her daughter some..


No new recipe for this as I used the same Italian Meringue Macaro recipe from here. As for the filling, I used raspberry (let’s just assume it’s the Italian Meringue Buttercream) as I still had some frozen ones left in the freezer. When one is moving, one usually try to clear and use as much things from the fridge so one doesn’t have to throw much when moving the fridge. Raspberries came in time just for these little cookies. They were pink and it’s always the best colour to be associated with Hello Kitty. 🙂 As for the recipe, you can refer to the Blueberry Compote Buttercream and replace blueberries with raspberries. Works wonders 😉

As for the ears, I tried with a small round nozzle, a leaf nozzle, and a medium round nozzle. All except with a toothpick (which I think would be more ideal, but it’s just too time-consuming to toothpick so many ears.. ) but I didn’t had any toothpick on hand. Some ears turned out like pigs’ Haha..

After they were baked, they were paired with the right size, then with an edible marker, I drew the eyes and whiskers, oh and nose as well. The shells looks somewhat more yellow and had oil spots from the almonds. I would remake them again, and add a little white colour and see how it turns out. As for the ribbon, they were heart shaped sprinkles. Dab with a bit of icing to stick them onto the Hello Kitty face.

Now that it’s filled, it’s time to sandwich them together!

Aren’t they cute? hehehe

You can order these macarons now!! Infact, I am starting to sell macarons now, customizable. Drop me an email if you wish to order some (swee . san at gmail . com )



14 Comments on Hello Kitty Macaron

  1. Sonia says:

    my daughter is asking me to make macarons again as she wants to bring to school for her classmates, look like this cute HK macarons just perfect to surprise them. Thanks again for your kind sharing.

  2. Sophie says:

    This is probably the cutest thing. I just squealed with delight! 🙂
    Miss Sweet @ thestickyandsweet.com

  3. Sumaiyyah says:

    I’m not a big fan of Hello Kitty but edible ones sound pretty good!

  4. wendyywy says:

    Luckily they dun look piggy anymore, but very cutey.
    Lucky Cheryl!

  5. ai wei says:

    ahhhh, so cute!!! what character next?

  6. ReeseThon says:

    Love this!!! TQ Swee San. Cheryl said so sayang to eat leh…haha! She wants to keep, so she actually kept 1 for 3 days…LOL!!

  7. Ju says:

    I’m speechless. They are too adorable to eat!

  8. So very cute! very creative! do you take orders?

  9. Jane says:

    Too beautiful to eat!

  10. These are just too cute!!! I can only make the usual macs but not shaped ones, you are so good with your hands!!

  11. Angeline says:

    OMG, those macarons looks so cute…taste goos isn’t it?

    wish u have a nice day.


  12. Edith says:

    Swee San hope you dun mind me stealing this idea for my Christmas gift to my sister. So cute.

  13. Angeline says:

    Macarons again…I wish to make it my ownself, but don’t have the confidence…scared of failing..

    anyway practice makes perfect. Will try it out after my maternity.

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