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Note:I’ll be slower in postings these 2 weeks; cause I’m moving house. Boo to packing, but yay to bigger kitchen!

It’s been a few rounds of macaron, trying new flavours n stuff. And u know, it’s just one of the faster bakes unlike cakes which take a whopping 30 mins or 1 hr in the oven. Because my new found love is making macarons at the oddest flavour or (i wish) most clever combinations, I’ve been stuck to making quite a few batches already; Macaronathon ? well, kinda HAHa

Sorry for the quality, it’s taken with iPad, not iPhone. 😛 oh and there’s another one, but forgot to take the pictures. Haha

OMG SO LOVE THIS !!!It is probably the cutest thing you would ever see on this blog. haha why am I so excited over this Hello Kitty Macaron. Am going to do a proper post of this soon ok. But perhaps after I’ve settled down in my new house. If you would like to have these Hello kitty macarons in your party or as gift, please drop me an email. We can get from there. Email is up on the right.

and in the midst of all that, a 3 tier Chanel inspired birthday cake, for Chrislyn, who had pool side 21st birthday party. I never had such a 21st birthday party… HAha, well, it’s ok. I make yummy cakes well for myself every year. 🙂

Ok that’s kinda it for now.

Oh oh, just one last one.

Playing around with latte art, well, still a long way to go.

Ok ciao.




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1 Comment on Instagram update

  1. Sonia says:

    The Hello Kitty macarons is so so cute! once i master the macarons making, i’m sure want to try making this.

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