365 Challenge : Saute green asparagus

2nd post of the 365 Challenge- Saute Green Asparagus

If you’ve missed what it’s all about, you can check out my first post here (The one with Mussels in Sauce Poulette)

This dish, uses asparagus (duh) and lemon thyme. I’ve always wondered how lemon thyme would smell or taste like but I didn’t want to buy it without know what to do with it (Though I do it ALLL THE TIMEEEE) It’s kinda crazy coincidence to see the dish unpicked for the challenge. I picked it and bought some asparagus.

It requires cooking asparagus the non-usual-way-of-blanching-them, sorta like a stir fry but with lemon thyme. And you know, lemon and asparagus always worked very well together.. Like Asparagus with hollandaise sauce? or asparagus just as it is with lemon zest? But to my discovery, lemon thyme doesn’t smell very much lemony. there is a hint, but a very faint hint.

Now I have to figure what am I going to do with the remaining sprigs of lemon thyme.

Maybe I got older asparagus, I do think blanching them then dip in ice water retains the colour of the asparagus best. Nevertheless, any vege is good for you.


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