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Maison Francaise (French House), Kuala Lumpur

With only a five minute drive from Kuala Lumpur’s city centre, the dreamy and high-end French settings of Maison Française will bring you away from town. From bungalow refurbished to a restaurant, Maison is fitted with elegant chandeliers, black table settings and glimmering glassware, all which create a modern European feel. Maison Francaise is one of the restaurants I’ve […]

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AFF Philippines : Tofu Sisig

Hello! Here’s another dish which I recently tried in Boracay, Philippines when I travelled there in April 2014; tofu sisig. I first tasted Tofu Sisig in Mesa, one of the more ‘atas’ restaurants serving modern Philippines cuisine when we asked the hotel caretaker on whereabouts to eat authentic Filipino food. Sisig refers to sizzling. It […]

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AFF Philippines : Chicken Inasal

Hello! Pardon my absent but have been busy busy! A couple of months ago when I was in Boracay, we dined in this place called Andok’s, which is similar to our KFC + Nandos. Well it is fast food but mainly grilled chicken and fish. The grilled chicken and fish was soooo good that we […]

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