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AFF Indochina: Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crispy Pancakes)

Hi! Managed to catch up on the last day for AFF Indochina. I guess among all parts of Asia, Indochina’s food didn’t have much appeal for me accept for the Vietnamese Banh Mi (baguette sandwich), Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork Vermicelli)¬†and Banh Xeo. I came across these 3 when I was studying in Sydney. Well […]

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Thai Green Curry (Kaeng Kiaw Wan Kai)

Hi all! I wanted to share with you a Thai Green Curry recipe which I learn from Ya’s Krabi Cookery School which I attended in Krabi a couple of weeks ago. I’ve always loved the Thai green curry cause it seemed to be less spicy and more milky in flavour. The ones we made in […]

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#gilabola by Joe Flizzow

Are you one of those staying up late night to watch the World Cup 2014? If you’re from Asia, like me, you would most likely end up like this meme here which I fuond really funny! In conjunction with this World Cup season, Celcom has came out with an anthem and video with a hip-hop […]


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