February 2013 archive

Let’s welcome the year of snake! 蛇年大吉 !

Hello all!!   Last week (or 2 weeks ago) I wasn’t expecting to bake any cookies as my mom usually buys from the morning market just 5 minutes away from our house. They do have some nice ‘chicken’ biscuits, kuih loyang and green bean biscuits. And I usually get pineapple tarts from my mom’s hairstylist’s […]


Hong Kong 2013

Starting the year with some travel bugs. Generally I like the food in Hong Kong, (and shopping too) but I just cant keep up with the crowd!! It’s immensely crowded especially during the weekends. Luckily this time around, the weather was just fine (15-21) to keep the sweats away. Also, it’s the 2nd trip to […]


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