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Fresh Flavours with Anna Olson and AFC

Celebrity chefs on tv with a memorable presence; Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Laura Calder, Chuck Hughes, Martin Yan and of course Anna Olson all have a personality on tv. It’s not about trying to be someone else, but being themselves, sharing their food passion and knowledge with abit of humor (GR doesn’t fall […]


Potato Possibilities with US Potato Board at Le Meridien KL

How many dishes do you think you can make with a simple ingredient, called potato. Just right at the back of your head, what comes to your mind ? French fries!! Mashed potato, potato salad,  baked potato, soup, potato chips (heheheheh) topping for shepherd’s pie, double baked potato skin, hrmm what else.. potato bread? Yes, potatoes are […]


Pink Ombre Cake

Well, well. If ombre cakes are still in season at all, here’s another to add to the 465725th recipe of it. Honestly, there’s no recipe. Take your favourite cake recipe, divide into 5 or 7, tint with your favourite colour. Bake, and BAM! Or wait, you gotta frost with your favourite frosting as well. The […]


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