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Macaron a l’Huile d’ Olive et Vanille {Olive Oil Macaron}

I know, my first reaction was eekkk, really? #challengeaccepted.jpg Well, no surprise, olive oil works in desserts as well. Remember the olive oil chocolate cake? it kinda works somehow or rather. But with this macaron, I must say it’s quite peculiar as there aren’t other strong flavours, apart from white chocolate and the almond shell […]


Montebello Macaron (and a short story of my dog)

  *looking back at PH’s book, how did my filling turn out to be so yellow?! haha * Ah.. I can breathe now, at least for a couple of days. As you’ve read from yesterday’s post, my dog has just delivered 10 beautiful golden pups. The waiting-for-her-to-whelp was very nerve wracking for me. I had to go […]


Christmas Giveaway Winners!!

Sorry this came up late. Well thing is my dog has delivered 10 babies taking 8 hours from 5am this morning and I didnt have any sleep last night at all until 4pm today. So I’m pretty much knocked out after that. Plus, its just kinda a obsession to check on the pups every now […]


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