October 2011 archive

Cinnamon Buns

Mm, what can I say. I’m not a fan of eating bread but I like making them. Or at least I like the part where a few simple ingredients can grow and proof to become double its size. I can pretend to like, or at least try to like bread but me and bread are […]



See what has twitter done to me. Everytime I want to express or narrate something irrelevant, but also relevant at the same time, I’ll use #something or *insert something* Haha ok nevermind. In the midst of compiling some posts now, but here’s a little short update, if anyone is interested at all. Well u know […]


Romance 香恋

Ah.. cakes? you bet. I was browsing through iPhoto looking for cakes which I haven’t blogged about. There are quite a lot. I’ve already saved them as backlogs as I knew I woldn’t have much time to bake or cook during the moving period. Indeed, it’s been quite quiet in the kitchen lately. When there […]


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