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Hello Kitty Macaron

  Note: Am still in the midst of packing/moving/unpacking/cleaning; hence new blog posts will be slower than usual. Will do a short post about The New Kitchen when it’s ready. Of course it is still not complete yet. ppfftt. Anyway, that’s that and here’s a new post 😉     Eeekk lo and behold, possibly […]


Instagram update

Note:I’ll be slower in postings these 2 weeks; cause I’m moving house. Boo to packing, but yay to bigger kitchen! It’s been a few rounds of macaron, trying new flavours n stuff. And u know, it’s just one of the faster bakes unlike cakes which take a whopping 30 mins or 1 hr in the […]

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Eat #4 – Ah Or Chu Yuk Fun / Pork noodles

Note: I will be moving next weekend, so expect lesser postings until the end of the month as I probably won’t have time to do long recipe entries (aka the entremet and another plated dessert), but well, expect shorter posts and maybe some without recipes. ———- Oh hello! Continuing back on the eating out with […]


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