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Over the weekend

I’ve been meaning to put up another blog post today, but err.. kinda had my hands busy over the weekend. I update more on Twitter tho, (follow me if you haven’t already!) and photo apps like Instagram, magic hour and Leme Leme. So, what have I been doing over the weekend?? Sweet Romance – a […]


Chocolate Boozy Orange Cake

Friend A : Eh why don’t we get a small cake for her ? Me : oh why don’t I make it since I’ll be back early. Make something simple and quick la. Friend A : Ok, I want chocolate banana Me: It’s not your birthday la! but let me think what to make on […]


Eat! #3 – Home Made Fish Head Noodle

#1 Sometimes meals ate determined by the weather.  A bowl of piping hot Fish head noodles seems to be the answer to comfort on such a rainy day like this. Fish was a tad bit salty. But if dunk into the soup, the combination taste pretty good. If u like ur soup milky then it’s […]

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