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Wedding Cakes

Since it’s the Royal Wedding TODAY of Prince William and (soon to be Princess) Kate Middleton, I reckon to ransack my archives and put up some wedding cake photos. Or wait, are you more excited about the iPad2 launch 🙂 Or the Labour Day holidays next Monday ??     What type of wedding cakes […]


365 Challenge : Saute green asparagus

2nd post of the 365 Challenge- Saute Green Asparagus If you’ve missed what it’s all about, you can check out my first post here (The one with Mussels in Sauce Poulette) This dish, uses asparagus (duh) and lemon thyme. I’ve always wondered how lemon thyme would smell or taste like but I didn’t want to […]

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Mussels and Chorizo Risotto

Since we’re in the topic of mussels I thought I should put this up before its archived for another few more months .Lol. That is how it’s rolling now. Bake a feast during the weekends to last posts for at least a month. And since I don’t cook much, main meals are such sacred posts […]

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