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Prune Layer Cake (Muhibbah Malaysian Monday)

or, Kek lapis with prunes. Hahaha The last weekend has been filled with too much rain. All these year, Chinese New Year has been very very hot and bright, this year, it looks like it’s gonna be a damp and wet CNY. Let’s hope there’s no flood, and for those driving back hometown to celebrate […]


One Million Star (S7) – Chao Ji Xing Guang Da Dao

Have u watched ??????; (chao jí xing guang dà dào) before? It’s a sorta launching platform for alot of singer trying to break into the market and gain fame. I mean, it’s a singing competition (like American Idols) but different as they have stages like “PK”. Erm, hard to explain . haha. Nevermind, just watch […]

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December dogs

I know, it’s almost February now. Lol *filler post* #1. Summer sleeping. #2 Hugo sitting on 2 chairs. Haha silly boy #3 Hugo showing off his big round eyes. lol and serious face. #4 Chilling yo. Ok that’s it for now. bye 🙂

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