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Random lunch

Everyday, (every working day) without fail, the most favourable yet mind boggling question would be… “What should we eat for lunch / dinner?” Like, really, unless you pack your own lunch to work (Even if you pack, you still need to think of what to cook / pack, or maybe perhaps just grab some from […]

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Passionfruit Marshmallow

Ok I think I’m kinda back a little in the whole blogging-mojo. Note, a little. Haha So some time ago, I met up with Pei-Lin from Dodol & Mochi, and Wendy from A table for 2.. or more, and made some ‘buah tangan’ / gifts for them. I was actually thinking of what to make, […]


Lunch at twentyone tables+terrace, BSC

Oh it’s gonna be a over lomofied and vintage-fied post with all these food pics. lol Just cause it’s fun!! wheeee A couple of weekends ago, me and my friends went to twentyone tables+terrace in Bangsar Shopping Centre for their lunch deal.Mainly cause we bought some vouchers for 50% their usual lunch price from mydeal.com.my. […]


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