September 2010 archive

Say Hi to my dog :)

Hi Am I busy ? yes I am. Please don’t try to look up my dog’s nostrils, there’s nothing in there 😛 He’s my baby Hugo. bahaha and he’s turning 7 in a couple more weeks (like 6 more) Will update… soon.. kthxbai


Mini Wedding Cakes

Hello!! Ok I haven’t been missing or anything but have been extremely BUSY over the last 4 days, with exhibition and stuffs. No time to reply any comments or blog or even do anything except, wake up, go to KLCC, then come back, and sleep. Repeat 4 times. Hehe So since it’s Monday, and it’s […]


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

This will be a collective post of all mooncakes I’ve made over the past few years. As we get older, we don’t eat as much mooncakes like how we used to. We’d buy alot of boxes, and see them in the house over a couple of weeks. But over these few years, we don’t buy […]


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