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Cakes on Cake

 yeah confusing, I know but it literally is! There are cakes and a faux tart on a big cake! Anyway I have a little something to share. I met with a different group of food bloggers today (the ones that talks more about cooking / baking, not so much on reviews) and it was great! […]


Dora and Friends

Hello! Say hi to Dora the explorer, Boots the monkey and Swiper the fox   Adira has another cake wo hoo.. The sides of the cake were surrounded with big leaves and little star creatures with eyes lol.. Dora, Boots and Swiper without the mask and gloves are probably taking a rest before continuing on […]


Bangkok Eats : Yum Saap, MBK

Yum Saap is quite a famous Thai-Food Chain restaurant and it’s available in most prominent shopping area. The one we went to was in MBK. You can also find them in Big C and Siam Square THe interior of the shop is pretty happy and colourful, mainly in red / orange hue.. Tom Yum.. with […]

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