January 2010 archive

Summer is here !

Ok a short but quite long non-cake post. or rather, non-edible post. This is my dog, not cake ok.. Anyway a few days ago, we went to get another golden retriever. We were also look for other medium sized – big sized breed puppies but some how or rather, we ended up with Golden which […]


The noodle that ate the cake

I don’t know which is funnier, the cake that tried to be a roasted chicken or this bowl of noodles. When I am asked what’s so fascinating about baking / cake decorating; I say this is. or trying to replicate something, or just make people put on the “what the…. ” face lol.. Replicating stuffs […]


Bumblebee to the rescue!!

This bumblebee was for a 4 year old boy who’s mom was my student. (Well, technically I’m not that old okay..) The cake was covered with multicoloured buttercream instead of fondant as they didn’t really like the taste of fondant.     As far as robotic figurines can get I think I have a long […]


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