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Last of 2009

these magical fireworks were taken during Australia Day 2007. Orite I guess this will be the last post of 2009, seeming that I’m going to Singapore later today and will be coming back on 31st. My 2 last wishes for 2009 is that … I don’t get stuck in a major jam, and I ….. […]

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Persimmon and Apple Galette

I came across Haalo’s Cook Almost Anything Once page on Karaka Blackberry and peach Galette. Hah, I actually haven’t used blackberry here in M’sia before as it’s just as freak expensive as raspberries and cherries here. Ridiculous! I want to plant my own berry tree. Haha ok if it will survive the weather. lol ok […]

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Baked Cheesecake

This is probably the simplest recipe for a baked cheesecake I’ve used. Although the baking time is REAAAAAALLLLY long, it’s kinda worth it as the texture is very creamy and smooth. The addition of lemon adds a little z’hing to it. Baked Cheesecake Recipe Layer of sponge cake500g Cream Cheese, thawed225g Caster Sugar100ml whipping cream1 […]

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