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Veggie Spiral Tart

Let’s hit the weekend with a recipe! A veggie spiral tart that is SO easy to make. I had this bookmarked on pinterest while I was looking for some tart inspirations. True enough, pinterest doesn’t disappoint. It linked me to this site and when I was in charged to cook a simple and impromptu Christmas […]

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Spanakopita – Spinach Filo Pie

Hey hey, Wow, sorry for the MIA but things have gotten out of control at work with those 10-12 hrs shift, and with all those post-holiday syndrome, I just didn’t feel like turning on the computer the moment I reach home. But things are getting in order now and I have some time to post […]


Tuna and a dessert pizza

I just realized, this was made somewhat 2 months ago. ^_^ Just 2 months but it felt like half a year ago. Hahaha Anyways, I used back the same pizza dough from the Bacon and Pesto Pizza. The dough yields a somewhat bread-like texture base. If you roll it thin, it’s not an issue. But […]


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