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Beauty through care with Payot’s new Hydra24 perfection BB Cream and Cicaexpert

Nadia Grégoria was one of the first female doctors to graduate from the Lausanne School of Medicine in 1913. Some time after her marriage to Edmond Payot, an engineer by training, the couple began to travel abroad. During a trip to New York in 1917, she discovered the first beauty institutes and made the life-changing acquaintance of the […]

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Sublime Lift at The Retreat Clinic

V-shape chins, what can they do!?!?! They may not look different much but it’s really, an awesome thing to have lol. Why would then celebrities go for chin implants, make their jaw smaller, thus making the chin sharper, cheekbone higher and.. It makes your face, slim and younger! Who doesn’t want that!! I tried the […]

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