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Namhyundang Hanok Guesthouse

Hello! Honestly I need to be a little more diligent in keeping this space updated. Hehe. I wanna intro this guesthouse; Namhyundang Hanok Guesthouse┬áif you are travelling to Seoul and want to experience Hanok; the traditional Korean housing. I was in Seoul in April 2015 and me and my friend stayed in this place. It’s […]

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Korea Trip 2011 : Bangsan Market

If there’s one place I anticipated most prior to this trip, it’d be Bangsan Market. Actually as mentioned, I had a few places that I really wanted to go in Seoul, luckily I managed to go to most of them. Some of them, were closed down, it’s quite sad. One of them was in the […]


KoreaTrip2011 : Sapoong and Coffee Prince in Hongdae

I know, you must be thinkging, WHAT? WHy is she still posting about the Korea trip she went to in May? It’s already October for goodness sake. I know I know. Infact I wasn’t going to post already because I’ve forgotten the directions, which train station to stop and which exit to take. They were […]


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