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Sydney: Exploring Newtown.

What an interesting neighbourhood. I came to know about Newtown when I wanted to try Black Star Pastry’s Watermelon and Strawberry Cake. Usually when I travel, when there’s somewhere I want to visit in a neighbourhood, I will try to search what else there I should check out. Are there worthy brunch places to check […]

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Sydney : Watermelon & Strawberry Cake at Black Star Pastry

Ok. title says it all. I’m not sure how I came about know this cake or when (must be long time ago), but because it looks gorgeous, and it has a whole slice of watermelon in it, I was very intrigued. The thing about watermelon is that because it is a fruit with high content […]

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Savour Australia by Life Inspired

I love watching TV shows related to food and literally grew up watching Taiwanese and Japanese cooking show, , which is probably why I ended up in food and have an immense love and respect for food (and people who know their food). Then because watching people cook is not enough, I started with travel […]

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