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Egg Mayo Sandwich

This is my favourite sandwich (however shape the bread comes in, white or wholemeal bread, or croissant). It’s only better in a croissant because ….. a croissant is bigger and it holds more egg mayo! Don’t you think so ? This recipe, well, I don’t even call it a recipe. It’s just one of those […]

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Fresh tomato soup with grilled cheese toast

Hey hey, I’ve been cooking quite a bit lately to make dinner for 1 (me) So I make things I like to eat, things that came across today in the mail / pinterest / food sites. As the grocer is just 5 mins away from my work place, I will make a note on what […]


Strawberries Stuffed French Toast

It must be some kinda revelation to find strawberries and oozing cream cheese in the pocket of a bread drenched in egg and milk, then simply covered with crunchy cornflakes and almond flakes. Oh wait, did I forget, some maple sauce? heavenly. Now it is perfectly normal to sandwich a bread with peanut butter, then […]

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