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Fondant fun, one for every occasion

Since this month’s Aspiring Bakers fall in the category of Fondant, I’m more than happy to take part in it. Well, I make lots of fondant cakes n cupcakes. Initially it was a requirement to have recipes up together with the post, but there were so many and most had the same type of cake, […]


Wedding Cakes

Since it’s the Royal Wedding TODAY of Prince William and (soon to be Princess) Kate Middleton, I reckon to ransack my archives and put up some wedding cake photos. Or wait, are you more excited about the iPad2 launch 🙂 Or the Labour Day holidays next Monday ??     What type of wedding cakes […]


Mini Wedding Cakes

Hello!! Ok I haven’t been missing or anything but have been extremely BUSY over the last 4 days, with exhibition and stuffs. No time to reply any comments or blog or even do anything except, wake up, go to KLCC, then come back, and sleep. Repeat 4 times. Hehe So since it’s Monday, and it’s […]


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