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Lunch at twentyone tables+terrace, BSC

Oh it’s gonna be a over lomofied and vintage-fied post with all these food pics. lol Just cause it’s fun!! wheeee A couple of weekends ago, me and my friends went to twentyone tables+terrace in Bangsar Shopping Centre for their lunch deal.Mainly cause we bought some vouchers for 50% their usual lunch price from […]


PJ Eats : Craft Brews @ Mutiara Damansara

Last last weekend, we went to Craft Brews to celebrate one of our friend’s birthday. And with no surprise, the Black Forest Cake was for the birthday boy. We’ve read about reviews on Craft Brew’s range of beers and boy oh boy we were pretty excited! Haha beer with spirulina? Come’on we gotta try it […]


Shepherdoo Restaurant

G57467EB8PP8 The Shepherdoo Restaurant is located in quite a prominent location for those that drives in and out of Klang everyday. It’s located outside Centro Mall, and since it’s literally outside, it’s a open /garden concept; which is quite pretty I would say. Despite being just next to a main road, the ambiance wasn’t too […]

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