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Klang Eats : Klang Palace @ Centro Mall

Really, there aren’t many dim sum restaurants around Klang, maybe just a handful of those that has really nice dim sum. No wait, actually only 3? But recently we went to this Chinese restaurant in Centro Mall (next to Hokkien Association) called Klang Palace, and tasted some dim sums, very nice! But also expensive! Vegetable […]


I-City Lights (Part 2)

nurseSometimes we’re very random people. We means me and my friends. Out of no where, unprepared, we’ll decide to do silly things. We’ve been to I-City once and randomly on another day, we went again. This time, because we’ve seen enough of the lights, we did other things.. OK, random post done. More recipes up […]

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Gaga Lights @ I-City (Part 1)

I honestly have no idea why i-City is in existence. Imagine the amount of electricty goes to waste every single day. The tress are brightened up by lights.. No actually its a pole with lotsa lights attached to the branches to make the whole thing look like a tree, Christmas tree, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom tree, […]


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