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More dim sum please ?

Hey hey!!

This is just a quickie update!!! (and typing this while waiting for my nail polish to dry)

First, there’s a giveaway happening .. 3 x modbox to be given away

Second, voucher for Eyelash Extension is still applicable till 31st August. The voucher is <here> in my first trial in PP, I went back for 2nd time and had a double layer extension done.. It can last longer!!

The first one lasted 6 weeks before it became too heavy and I had a ‘roof’ on top of my eye and I had to go remove it …

Photo Aug 15, 8 03 53 PMPhoto Aug 16, 5 27 37 PM

Third, its my baby nephew’s fullmoon so…. Yi Yi (aunt) which is me, made his first cutsey pie cake! I tried ombre, and had lots of blue.. like deprived of blue cause I’m been making so many princessy-girly children cakes…

Photo Aug 17, 10 19 51 AM

The animals somehow or rather represented he and his sisters.. lol.. Which somewhat reminded of Madagascar.. LOL And this 5 layers 9 ” cake, used 1 kg of butter.. It was a super yummy italian meringue buttercream that I can eat just like that.. but seriously.. it’s buttery yet light!!

Lastly ….. (since my nails are dry now)

I will be awaaaaaay in dim sum land on 2 missions.. LOL .. actually many things to do there but but but I cannot tell u now..

3rd time in 13 months.. and this time, I had no itinerary printed out. (terror d la; hahaha) < previous post about HK

Ok folks, see u when I see u ;) !!


Weekend Recap – lots of homemade food!


Oh hey, before I start this week with all beauty related posts, here’s a little short recap of my weekend.

oh btw, I will be alternating posts between weeks. Last week was all about food, so this week all the beauty related posts (I’m so behind T__T) I’m kinda glad to be at home this weekend cause I just wanna stay at home and spend some time with my doggies who are deprived of my love lol

I kind of started my weekend on Thursday night, with a Jimmy Choo Flash event in View in G Tower KL courtesy of The lilac box.

jimmychoo flash gtower

On contrary belief, there was no Jimmy Choo to be seen there, so I attempted to take Flash back. haha Of course, I didn’t succeed.


avocado pesto pasta

then I made some food.. Lots of food. First up, a simple avocado pesto pasta with poached egg and toasted bread crumbs. I think by far this is the best pesto I’ve made. Not sure if it’s because the basil leaves were plucked from my garden, or that I used avocado.


chili pan mee recipe

Then to continue on the noodles streak, I made chili Pan Mee, which is a KL specialty. With homemade noodles, fried anchovies, minced pork, hot spicy chili and a poached egg. It’s quite easy to make, the only thing that takes up alot of time is getting the chili ready.. I already had a pasta machine to roll out the noodles, so it’s quite easy to make it.



Then, I #challengeaccepted to make cronuts. It’s not because I really like to eat them, but I want to make them. Plus, I haven’t made croissant for x years, I just wanted to give my arms a good workout T__T Well, the layers are still thick! I need to magically make them thinner. Le sigh. What was more interesting from making cronuts, were the cronut holes (no pic).. they are absolutely delicious!! small, crunchy and doughnuty! #closeenough

furrenz dog

And it’s time to bring the dogs for swimming again!! It’s really fun to watch them swim because they can really run and swim for 2 hours non stop. then once they go into the car, they snooze away.. fun fun !!

collistar gel like polishLast but not least, nail of the week. Hehe I got to try a new nail polish (the pink one) last weekend.. It’s gel-like and dries really fast!! What brand is it ? The review will be up this week yeah..

So how was your weekend ???





Bag of Love x Delectable by Su x The Butterfly Project

Hi all!

As you may have seen, more beauty posts. Ok but this, I’ll balance off with some cakes and sweets :)

Since I started to blog more about beauty stuffs, I joined a community in FB called The Butterfly Project initiated by Tammy aka Plus Size Kitten. Kudos to her on keeping the members of the page with lots of fun activities and meet ups. Being a …. ‘veteran’ blogger, I hardly ever am in the ‘meet up’ scenes. Why veteran, ok I actually have been blogging since I was in college (counts back, that would probably be around 10 years already) GASSSPPPP it’s a long way. But I’m not famous or like any celebrity bloggers, but it’s ok la.. I like to talk to an open space (creepy) and to my imaginary readers (even creepier) I like baking, cooking, posting up recipes and recently like more beauty products. That’s all lol

So why is my entry so long winded. OMG #emo

Anyway, Butterfly Project is collaborating with Bag of Love and Delectable by Su on its latest meet up! Bag of Love as you may or may not know, is probably the only beauty box in Malaysia that does not come in a box, it comes in a bag instead. You can see my previous review on the bag. Bag of Love will be hosting the first ever unboxing party in Delectable, Paradigm Mall. Eh I always see ppl doing unboxing videos in youtube. I don’t believe it’s the first time opening the box and seeing what’s inside. I’m sure they have already had a peep.. Cause… how can they contain their excitement!!!! If it’s me… I’ll be like “waaahh.. I like this”… “waaahhh so nice la this one” …or “aiyer… why so cheap wan this thing” …. “yier… this one smells yucky..” Sorry but just being honest. :)


So I quite like what was in Bag of Love, so I subscribed to the 2nd bag already. There will be 50 bags given to (duh 50 lucky ppl) and 30 ppl will be invited to the party in Delectable. So, hopefully I am invited, then I get the bag too (and I can give it to my friend or put up a giveaway on my blog) If you want to subscribe to the second box, do check out their website.Β In April, Bag of Love is going green in honour of Earth Month. The bags are made from eco-friendly material and the products inside are either natural, organic, or contribute someway or another to the environment.

And… after all these, well why I wanna be invited for the unboxing party….


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