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Bag of Love x Delectable by Su x The Butterfly Project

Hi all!

As you may have seen, more beauty posts. Ok but this, I’ll balance off with some cakes and sweets :)

Since I started to blog more about beauty stuffs, I joined a community in FB called The Butterfly Project initiated by Tammy aka Plus Size Kitten. Kudos to her on keeping the members of the page with lots of fun activities and meet ups. Being a …. ‘veteran’ blogger, I hardly ever am in the ‘meet up’ scenes. Why veteran, ok I actually have been blogging since I was in college (counts back, that would probably be around 10 years already) GASSSPPPP it’s a long way. But I’m not famous or like any celebrity bloggers, but it’s ok la.. I like to talk to an open space (creepy) and to my imaginary readers (even creepier) I like baking, cooking, posting up recipes and recently like more beauty products. That’s all lol

So why is my entry so long winded. OMG #emo

Anyway, Butterfly Project is collaborating with Bag of Love and Delectable by Su on its latest meet up! Bag of Love as you may or may not know, is probably the only beauty box in Malaysia that does not come in a box, it comes in a bag instead. You can see my previous review on the bag. Bag of Love will be hosting the first ever unboxing party in Delectable, Paradigm Mall. Eh I always see ppl doing unboxing videos in youtube. I don’t believe it’s the first time opening the box and seeing what’s inside. I’m sure they have already had a peep.. Cause… how can they contain their excitement!!!! If it’s me… I’ll be like “waaahh.. I like this”… “waaahhh so nice la this one” …or “aiyer… why so cheap wan this thing” …. “yier… this one smells yucky..” Sorry but just being honest. :)


So I quite like what was in Bag of Love, so I subscribed to the 2nd bag already. There will be 50 bags given to (duh 50 lucky ppl) and 30 ppl will be invited to the party in Delectable. So, hopefully I am invited, then I get the bag too (and I can give it to my friend or put up a giveaway on my blog) If you want to subscribe to the second box, do check out their website. In April, Bag of Love is going green in honour of Earth Month. The bags are made from eco-friendly material and the products inside are either natural, organic, or contribute someway or another to the environment.

And… after all these, well why I wanna be invited for the unboxing party….



Hey hey!!

I know the title seems abit …. weird but if you’re using Instagram, it would sound very familiar. PS : If you haven’t been using IG, download the app now and follow me 😉 HERE

OK so what is #creativemarch about. It’s a creative project initiated by Red Hong Yi on instagram, using food as a medium to ‘paint’ on the plate. So it’s sorta Creative Food Art on a plate! I can’t help but to say this woman is extremely talented and creative when it comes to painting. *big fan!!* You can red more about her project here with an interview with designboom.

And there were also many people who joined in the project as well and posted up their ‘plate of art’ ! (You can do so by searching #creativemarch hashtag in Instagram, you will see more pics!) So I can’t help but also try out something.

I gotta admit I can put in more effort. But this turned out to be a very impromptu thing. Last Saturday after my haircut in Number76 Bangsar, I came home (it was raining elephants and snakes) so the electricity tripped off in my house. There was no one at home, only me and 5 dogs T__T and I ran out of Candy Crush lives..

So I had a little idea of doing something. I took out 2 plates, some ingredients and started…

10 minutes later, here we go!

Photo Mar 23, 5 41 26 PM

I wanted to do a 4 season thing. no I actually wanted to do something related to rain but I couldnt find my dried blue pea flowers which I saved from my old house… My maid must have thrown it away… And I couldn’t microwave anything because duh there’s no electricity.. So I guess this was the easiest way.. to make a scene in my kitchen.

For Summer, the most basic, it was spaghetti, spinach leaves, brown sugar and lemon slice. Because it’s summer, the lemon slice was the biggest

For Spring, with the same plate, I added rosemary as the grass, cut a smaller slice of lemon, added some flowers with ketchup and sprinkles, and drew on some birds with thick soy sauce.

For Winter, I used a new plate, mixed thick soy sauce with mustard and drew a tree with just branches with a spaghetti. and I wanted to add mayonnaise as snow, but I didn’t know I ran out of it already.. So the closest I could find was condensed milk. I also added some pearl dragees as snowflakes but I don’t think it’s that visible.

For Autumn, I used the same plate from Winter, added brown sugar as the base and used dried bay leaves as autumn leaves! You can see here the lemon slice is very small and is without the rind, cause the sun in autumn is more mellow and kinda barely there.


So if you have a white plate, and some ingredients at home, why not try something ?? It’s fun :)


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Let’s welcome the year of snake! 蛇年大吉 !

Hello all!!



CNY_home_assorted cookies

Last week (or 2 weeks ago) I wasn’t expecting to bake any cookies as my mom usually buys from the morning market just 5 minutes away from our house. They do have some nice ‘chicken’ biscuits, kuih loyang and green bean biscuits. And I usually get pineapple tarts from my mom’s hairstylist’s friends or my aunty who bakes them at home. But just this week, I didn’t see her buy any pineapple tarts!! (I’m starting to get worried) So I happily decided, just 4-5 days before CNY that I’m going to attempt making pineapple jam and tarts at home.

A few years ago, my other aunt cooked the jam and made the tarts in our house (cause our oven was bigger, and i had a bigger mixer) But omg it was …… not a very nice experience lol!! So after that I told her, ok I don’t wanna make cny biscuits anymore at home

CNY_home_candied cashew nuts
Candied Cashew Nuts

Anyway, after moving to the new house, space is like x times bigger, my itchy hands decided to make the call.

Then, I bought some stuffs and made these cookies after work (sigh, after work still OT at home la!!) and in between, gotta bring my dogs to grooming la, this la that la… traffic jam la.. ANYWAY…

CNY_home_pineapple tarts 2

Melt in your mouth enclosed pineapple tart

CNY_home_nastar pineapple tart

Perfect buttery crumbly Nastar Pineapple tarts

I managed to make 2 types of pineapple tarts, enclosed and nastar, green pea cookies, cranberry and rose shortbread, candied cashew nuts and roasted almond, and Danish butter cookies. Of course with the help of my mom to roll the pineapple cookies also la..

Some are new recipes, some are old revisited recipes. I guess I will only be able to update them after CNY.

CNY_home_assorted cookies 2


Assorted cookies and nuts

 CNY_home_pineapple tarts

Mom calls it “mini polo bun” does it not look like it ? hahaha 

CNY_home_nastar pineapple

Nastar Pineapple Tarts


 CNY_home_cranberry shortbread

Ice box cookie; Rose and Cranberries shortbread

CNY_home_green pea cookies

Green Pea cookies

 CNY_home_Danish butter cookies

Danish Butter Cookies


Hopefully next time I’ll be able to do more. Store bought cookies are getting SO SO EXPENSIVE lately it’s crazy.

These are some decorations in and out the house 😉







This festive season, drive safe!! 出入平安 :)

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year and a wonderful celebration filled with joy and peace with your family and friends :)
















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