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Waffles and ice cream (for the -nth time)

So, my nieces has asked me to make waffles, because THEY want to make waffles. To clear things up, these are not my kids, and I am not married. Well I suppose that is not necessary information. Yeah. Let’s get to the waffles. Well, it’s just waffles. Nothing too special. I’m not lying, it is […]

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Doraemon’s food? hehe Well, why does Doraemon likes to eat dorayaki ? anyone has a story? Or is it just because, it sounds similar? Hehe. This Japanese confection consists of 2 small pancake-like patties and sandwiched with azuki / red brean paste. IT’s much thicker compared to the American pancakes. So for the red bean […]


Tuna Waffle

Ah I just remembered, that I actually have a backlogged waffle post. Lol Might as well put it up and make it WAffle week!! hahaha Every so often, I google stuffs like “belgian waffle” ” fruits waffle” “japanese waffle” and “savoury waffle”. One can have just this much of sweet waffles. So I decided to […]


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